Najee Harris Reveals Steelers Kept Him In The Loop On FA Signings, Will Announce Team’s Fourth-Round Pick

Though he’s just a second-year player coming off of a strong rookie season, Pittsburgh Steelers running back Najee Harris already has an interesting standing with the franchise overall.

According to an interview with ESPN’s Brooke Pryor, Harris stated that the Steelers kept him in the loop on free agent signings in quarterback Mitchell Trubisky and cornerback Levi Wallace, which is pretty interesting considering he’s just a second-year running back.

While Harris didn’t have much input on the signings overall, it’s very intriguing to hear that the Steelers kept him up to date on the plans, especially at quarterback, which will significantly impact Harris’s production in 2022. Harris also revealed that he was able to help the Steelers close the deal on Wallace, an Alabama product, utilizing his connection with the Crimson Tide along with teammate Minkah Fitzpatrick.

“They called me when they confirmed they got (Trubisky),” Harris said to Pryor, according to her story on “All throughout it, they kept me in the loop of who they were getting.”

Following the signing of Trubisky, Harris stated he was able to meet up with the new Steelers’ quarterback, allowing him to develop a bit of a relationship with the new signal caller in the black and gold in 2022.

In fact, Harris told Pryor that he flew into Pittsburgh from Houston on the day Trubisky signed and was introduced to allow him to get a jumpstart on developing chemistry with his new quarterback.

“Right when we picked him up and he signed, I flew out there that day from Houston,” Harris told Pryor. “I was there for at least 8 hours to chill with him and chop it up with him. We exchanged numbers, and we’ve been talking ever since. We were with each other in Florida and we’re here now with each other.

“… Mitch is really cool. He’s open to everything. He’s trying to understand who he has around him with players. Just how things are. He’s embracing his role pretty good. He has an opportunity to play, so he’s embracing that.”

Along with establishing a relationship with Trubisky and working out with his teammates in Florida, Harris — who is currently in Pittsburgh for the Steelers’ offseason training activities — will fly to Mexico next week for three days, allowing himself to immerse himself into the culture while hosting a draft party.

Harris also revealed he will announce the Steelers’ fourth-round draft pick on Saturday from Mexico, according to Pryor’s story.

“We’re going around Mexico City for two, three days,” Harris said to Pryor. “We’re just kicking it, seeing the culture. It’s crazy. It’s going to be fun.”

The Steelers hold the No. 138 overall draft pick in the fourth round.

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