2022 – Updated History Of Steelers GM Kevin Colbert Trading During Drafts

If you are hoping that the Pittsburgh Steelers will trade down in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft, consider this my annual reminder that you should temper those hopes between now and the first night of the draft. Why? Because the Steelers just haven’t done a lot of first-round trading back dating back to 2000, the first year in Pittsburgh for general manager Kevin Colbert with the team.

Over the span of 21 drafts that Colbert has overseen since 2000, he has made quite a few trades during actual drafts. That said, only three times has Colbert moved up in the first round of a draft during the annual event. The last time he did so was obviously in 2019 when he moved the Steelers up from No. 20 overall in the first round to No. 10 overall to select inside linebacker Devin Bush.

Prior to the 2019 trade up for Bush, the last time Colbert moved up in a first round of a draft was way back in 2006 when he moved the Steelers up from No. 32 overall to No. 25 overall to select wide receiver Santonio Holmes. Three years prior to that, in 2003, Colbert moved the Steelers up in the first round from 27th overall to 16th overall to select safety Troy Polamalu.

Moving past the first round, Colbert has moved up a few times in a second round of a draft to get a player the Steelers coveted. The last time, however, that Colbert did move up in a second round was in 2004 when he traded the Steelers up from 44th overall spot to the 38th overall to select cornerback Ricardo Colclough. Colbert also moved the Steelers up in the 2001 NFL Draft from 50th overall to 39th overall to select linebacker Kendrell Bell.

When it comes to trading down in the first round of any draft, only once has Colbert done so in all his years in Pittsburgh. That lone transaction came back in 2001 when he moved the Steelers down from 16th overall to 19th overall to ultimately select nose tackle Casey Hampton. The last time that Colbert traded down in any round during a draft was in 2010 and that deal included the team also acquiring a player in cornerback Bryant McFadden. That deal saw the Steelers give up a fifth-round selection in exchange for McFadden and a sixth-round selection that same year. That sixth-round selection was used on wide receiver Antonio Brown.

During last years draft, Corbett made a trade up to get into the fifth round to select defensive end Isaiahh Loudermilk. That deal cost the Steelers a 2022 fourth-round draft pick.

Obviously, it’s hard to predict if the Steelers will ultimately make any trades during this year’s draft. The team is currently set to make seven selections in the 2022 NFL Draft, with three of those coming after the fifth round. If the Steelers do trade up at any point during this draft, odds are probably good that such a move up would happen in the first round. As for the possibility of the Steelers moving down in any round of this year’s draft, I certainly wouldn’t bet on any such transaction happening and certainly not in the first three rounds.

The Steelers aren’t likely to receive any compensatory selections in the 2023 NFL Draft next offseason, and thus Colbert might decide to stand pat all the way around next weekend. The last time that Colbert didn’t make any trades during a draft was 2020. Before that it was 2017.

Steelers History Of Trading Picks During Drafts In Kevin Colbert Era

Year Trade Explanation
2001 Traded Down – Traded 2001 first-round pick (#16 – Santana Moss) to Jets for 2001 first-round pick (#19 – Casey Hampton), 2001 fourth-round pick (#111 – Mathias Nkwenti), 2001 sixth-round pick (#181 – Rodney Bailey) on 04-21-2001
2001 Traded Up – Traded 2001 second-round pick (#50 – Dominic Raiola), 2001 fourth-round pick (#112 – Carlos Polk) to Patriots for 2001 second-round pick (#39 – Kendrell Bell) on 04-21-2001
2003 Traded Up – Traded 2003 first-round pick (#27 – Larry Johnson), 2003 third-round pick (#92 – Julian Battle), 2003 sixth-round pick (#200 – Brooks Bollinger) to Chiefs for 2003 first-round pick (#16 – Troy Polamalu) on 04-26-2003
2004 Traded Up – Traded 2004 second-round pick (#44 – Bob Sanders), 2004 fourth-round pick (#107 – Kendyll Pope) to Colts for 2004 second-round pick (#38 – Ricardo Colclough) on 04-24-2004
2006 Traded Up – Traded 2006 first-round pick (#32 – Mathias Kiwanuka), 2006 third-round pick (#96 – Gerris Wilkinson), 2006 fourth-round pick (#129 – Guy Whimper) to Giants for 2006 first-round pick (#25 – Santonio Holmes) on 04-29-2006
2006 Traded Down – Traded 2006 second round pick (#64 – Tarvaris Jackson) to Vikings for 2006 third-round pick (#83 – Anthony Smith), 2006 third-round pick (#95 – Willie Reid) on 04-29-2006
2007 Traded Up – Traded 2007 fourth-round pick (#119 – Allen Barbre), 2007 sixth round pick (#192 – Desmond Bishop) to Packers for 2007 fourth round pick (#112 – Daniel Sepulveda) on 04-29-2007
2008 Traded Down – Traded 2008 fourth-round pick (#123 – Bryan Kehl) to Giants for 2008 fourth-round pick (#130 – Tony Hills), 2008 sixth-round pick (#194 – Ryan Mundy) on 04-27-2008
2009 Traded Down – Traded 2009 second-round pick (#64 – Richard Quinn), 2009 fourth-round pick (#132 – Seth Olsen) to Broncos for two 2009 third-round picks (#79 – Kraig Urbik) (#84 – Mike Wallace) on 04-25-2009
2010 Traded Down Pick For Player – Traded 2010 fifth-round pick (#155 – John Skelton) to Cardinals for Bryant McFadden, 2010 sixth-round pick (#195 – Antonio Brown) on 04-24-2010
2012 Traded Up – Traded 2012 fourth-round pick (#119 – Keenan Robinson), 2012 six-round pick (#193 – Tom Compton) to Redskins for 2012 fourth-round pick (#109 – Alameda Ta’amu) on 04-30-2012
2013 Traded Up – Traded 2014 third-round pick (#83 – Louis Nix to Browns for 2013 fourth-round pick (#111 – Shamarko Thomas) on 05-9-2013
2018 Traded Player For Pick – Traded Martavis Bryant to Raiders for 2018 third-round pick (#79 – Rasheem Green) on 04-26-2018
2018 Traded Up – Traded 2018 third-round pick (#79 – Rasheem Green), 2018 seventh-round pick (#220 – Alex McGough) to Seahawks for 2018 third-round pick (#76 – Mason Rudolph) on 04-27-2018
2019 Traded Up – Traded 2019 first-round pick (#20 – Noah Fant), 2019 second-round pick (#52 – Drew Sample), 2020 third-round pick (#83 – Lloyd Cushenberry) to Broncos for 2019 first-round pick (#10 – Devin Bush) on 04-25-2019
2021 Traded Up – Traded 2022 fourth-round pick (#125 ?) to Dolphins for 2021 fourth-round pick (#156 – Isaiahh Loudermilk) on 05-1-2021
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