Kevin Colbert Reiterates ‘Quality’ In 2022 QB Class: ‘There Will Be Multiple NFL Starters From This Class, For Sure’

While many seem to be rather low on the quarterback class in the 2022 NFL Draft, Pittsburgh Steelers’ outgoing General Manager Kevin Colbert reiterated his belief that this QB class has some quality overall.

Last week during a session with local media, Colbert stated his initial belief of the 2022 QB class, pointing out that it may not be as high-quality as previous years, but that he still sees quality.

“As far as this class is concerned, the draft class of quarterbacks, there’s good quality available,” Colbert said, according to the official transcript provided by the team last week. “Probably not as many as there have been in recent years, but it is what it is, and we had a great look at a lot of the top quarterbacks at the Senior Bowl. It was a great experience to see them back-to-back. In a given day, we saw them all, and it was it was very good work. So, we’re excited about that whole part of this process.”

On Tuesday, Colbert spoke with reporters on the first day of the 2022 NFL Scouting Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, and was thrown many questions regarding the QB position, which is an area the Steelers are truly scouting for the first time in 18 seasons after the retirement of Ben Roethlisberger.

Much like he did last week, Colbert again stated he sees quality in the class, but added a point that he sees some starting NFL QBs in the class overall.

“There might not be the number of players at that position that there has been in the past, but it’s certainly good quality,” Colbert said to reporters, according to audio. “There’s going to be starting NFL QBs coming out of this class for sure.”

Well, that’s certainly a nugget from the longtime Steelers’ GM.

Though the QB class might be viewed in a lesser sense than years past, Colbert seems to believe in some of the quarterbacks in this class, specifically guys like Pittsburgh’s Kenny Pickett and North Carolina’s Sam Howell, whom Colbert has seen in person throughout the college football season and has even praised individually in recent comments.

Can anything be read into Colbert’s comments about a starting QB in the class? Maybe, specifically the part about there being starting NFL quarterbacks in this class. Will that be telling when it comes to No. 20 overall?

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