James Daniels Knows Steelers’ History At Center, Aims To Leave Jersey In ‘A Better Place’ During His Time

What position new Pittsburgh Steelers’ offensive lineman James Daniels will play remains unclear, but if the local media has its way, Daniels will be the next in a long line of standout centers in the Steel City.

Though Daniels has played just 508 career snaps at center in his four years in the NFL with the Chicago Bears, he does bring center experience to the table overall, having started multiple years at center at the University of Iowa.

Regardless of what position he plays in Pittsburgh, Daniels is keenly aware of those that came before him in the black and gold, and is aiming to leave the colors of the jersey in a better place during his time with the Steelers.

“I don’t have a favorite position, but I do know…the tradition of Pittsburgh centers,” Daniels said during his introductory press conference with the local media Thursday, according to video via the Steelers’ YouTube page. “I mean, I’m excited. It’s just not centers. I mean, there’s just been so many great players that have came that have wore these jerseys…I’m just trying to leave the jersey in a better place.”

Daniels comes off as a quiet leader, one that is exceptionally smart, though he does’t portray that he knows it. While nobody in their right minds is projecting Daniels to be the next Hall of Fame caliber center or offensive lineman in Steelers’ history, he brings a certain level of stability and pedigree to the table, something the Steelers certainly didn’t have last season.

Though the position remains in the air for the time being, Daniels is just focused on doing whatever the team needs along the offensive line, echoing the comments made by fellow new Steelers offensive lineman Mason Cole.

“I’m just trying to do, whatever’s best for the organization, so it doesn’t matter [what position I play],” Daniels said. “It doesn’t matter what positions I’m at, as long as I’m helping the organization win games. So that’s all I’m trying to do.”

By doing that, he’ll certainly leave the jersey in a better position than he found it.

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