ESPN NFL Analyst Says Steelers’ Signing Of Mitch Trubisky ‘Most Head-Scratching’ Move Of Offseason

Nobody in their right minds should be selling the Pittsburgh Steelers’ signing of veteran free agent quarterback Mitch Trubisky as a move in which the Steelers found their next franchise quarterback.

Instead, it should be viewed for what it is overall: A buy-low move on a quarterback with starting experience and pedigree, one that fits into offensive coordinator Matt Canada’s scheme and gives the Steelers a chance to at least get by at the position for a year while continuing the search for a franchise quarterback through the draft.

So, it was puzzling to see respected NFL Analyst and former NFL defensive back Matt Bowen call the Steelers’ signing of Trubisky his “most head-scratching” move of the offseason for an ESPN roundtable on free agency, highlighting the most improved teams and best and worst signings overall.

Most analysts pegged the Jacksonville Jaguars’ signing of Christian Kirk to a monster four-year, $84 million deal as the most head-scratching move of the offseason, but Bowen zagged while other zigged, highlighting the Steelers’ signing of Trubisky for that section.

“QB Mitch Trubisky to the Steelers. In Matt Canada’s offense, the Steelers can set up Trubisky with defined throws off movement and play-action,” Bowen writes. “I still have concerns about Trubisky’s ability as a pocket thrower in critical game situations, though — that’s the mechanics and the eyes. Let’s see if Pittsburgh drafts a rookie quarterback to compete with him next month.”

There’s no denying that Trubisky isn’t much of a pocket passer overall and has struggled in critical game situations, as Bowen points out, but how much of that had to do with the coaching and development in Chicago? Trubisky went through a number of coordinator changes in Chicago under head coach Matt Nagy, and was essentially a square peg that Nagy tried to fit into a round hole, rather than leaning into Trubisky’s strengths overall, which included moving the pocket, throwing on the run and utilizing his legs a bit more.

That should happen in Pittsburgh under Canada, which Trubisky pointed out was a big selling point in joining the Steelers.

For this to be a true head-scratching move though, Bowen has to be assuming the Steelers are going to lean heavily on Trubisky to be the answer long-term. That’s simply not the case, especially with an easy out in his contract after one season in which the Steelers could cut him with very little dead cap to deal with.

Based on everything the Steelers have done in the pre-draft process to date, they’re eyeing a quarterback in the first round, which makes perfect sense now that Trubisky is in the fold as that bridge-type quarterback, along with Mason Rudolph and Dwayne Haskins.

It shouldn’t be considered a head-scratcher at all. Trubisky fits the system, gives the Steelers flexibility in the draft and could serve as an ideal bridge quarterback to the next potential franchise guy, which could be in a year or two years. It’s a solid buy-low move from Pittsburgh, one that’s very typical of General Manager Kevin Colbert.

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