Bringing Dual-Threat Abilities To Steelers, Trubisky Willing To Do ‘Whatever It Takes’ To Score Points

Transitioning into the post-Ben Roethlisberger era, the Pittsburgh Steelers and head coach Mike Tomlin made it a point of emphasis that they were searching for one key trait in the next quarterback in the black and gold: Mobility.

With the signing of Mitchell Trubisky to a two-year deal, the Steelers certainly get that with the former No. 2 overall pick, as Trubisky has rushed for 1,081 yards and nine touchdowns in his career. Though it’s a consistent part of his game, it’s not his go-to at this point in his career, unlike some young quarterbacks that come into the NFL in today’s game.

Though he will use his legs to his advantage, Trubisky believes there’s a bit of a balance overall to being a dual-threat quarterback. That said, the veteran quarterback made it quite clear in his introductory press conference with the media Thursday: He’ll do whatever it takes to score points for the Steelers.

Just don’t ask him to label himself as a run-first quarterback, or a scrambler overall.

“I mean, you’re trying to score on defenses and, and give ’em as much trouble as you possibly can, whether that’s buying time in the pocket to throw down field or picking up first downs and scoring touchdowns with your legs,” Trubisky said to reporters Thursday, according to video via the Steelers’ YouTube page. “So, I’m looking forward to utilizing my dual threat abilities within this offense any way I can, and just leading this offense to score points. So whatever it takes, that’s what I’m willing to do. And I’m looking forward to using my legs running to buy time, or run for first downs.”

That’s an element of the game that the Steelers’ offense under Matt Canada can certainly use to its advantage in 2022.

Trubisky’s ability to extend plays in the pocket or even utilize his mobility on designed runs will give the Steelers an added dynamic they’ve been missing late in Roethlisberger’s career, through no fault of the veteran gunslinger’s own.

Now, though, with an emphasis on the run game and a rebuilt offensive line, maybe the Steelers can unlock more potential from Trubisky that others haven’t been able to in the past, especially if Canada and the Steelers embrace more of the RPO and read-options, making them tougher to defend overall, especially with a QB who is willing to put his body on the line and “do whatever it takes” to score points for the Steelers next season.

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