Steelers’ Players Praise Brian Flores Hire

The Pittsburgh Steelers made a big splash with the hire of senior assistant/linebackers coach Brian Flores. And by all accounts we know so far, Steelers players also approve.

Multiple Steelers players spoke out in favor of the move. Joe Haden took to Twitter to praise it.

Haden is a pending free agent and his return to the team is unclear. But this move certainly can’t hurt the odds of Haden wanting to re-sign with the Steelers.

ESPN’s Brooke Pryor spoke with defensive captain and leader Cam Heyward, who also spoke out in favor of the move.

If the captain signs off on it, then everyone signs off on it. Of course, despite all the controversy since the Dolphins fired him, there’s little question over how good of a coach Flores is. He’s regarded as a strong-minded defensive coach coming from the Bill Belichick tree. He’s a quality hire to a pretty talented Steelers’ defensive coaching staff.

The only downside to the hire is Flores may not be in Pittsburgh for long. The lawsuit has caused teams to shy away from him, but once it’s resolved, he is likely to receive offers for coordinator or even head coach jobs. But the Steelers will surely benefit for however long Flores is in Pittsburgh.

UPDATE (3:56 PM): Other players have reacted to the hire, including RB Najee Harris who sent out this Instagram story a short time ago.

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