2021 Week 18 Steelers Vs Ravens Live Update And Discussion Thread – Second Half

The Pittsburgh Steelers are locked into a classic field position duel against the Baltimore Ravens. It is 3-3 at halftime and the Ravens get the ball after halftime.

Najee Harris is out injured, so the running game has been non-existent.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are winning at halftime 13-3, so the Steelers very much have a playoff chance alive at this point in time. They must find a way to win this defensive battle.

TJ Watt officially tied the single season sack record and needs just a half sack to be in sole possession of first place.

A Baltimore Ravens special teamer down injured on the kickoff to open the half.

On 1st down, Cameron Heyward shot into the backfield for the TFL. On 3rd and 6, Tyler Huntley kept the ball and raced to the sideline.

Latavius Murray went right up the middle untouched for a 46 yard touchdown run. Nobody anywhere close in the area. 10-3 Ravens.

The Steelers must respond. The Jaguars are up by 13 points.

Ben Roethlisberger is putting together a drive now with a nice deep pass to Diontae Johnson and a well called sweep by Chase Claypool.

Nearing the red zone, Diontae Johnson runs an excellent route to shake his defender and race to the sideline. Johnson managed to get the Steelers to 3rd and 1. Benny Snell wasn’t able to punch through for the first down. Chris Boswell field goal is good. 10-6 Ravens.

The Ravens returned the kick to the 34 yard line. On 1st down, Chris Wormley stuffed Murray at the line of scrimmage. Two short passes by Huntley and a nice tackle by Cam Sutton stopped the Ravens short of the line to gain. Koch shanked the punt for the Ravens, so the Steelers successfully flipped the field.

Najee Harris retook the field for this drive. On 1st down, Najee ran for three yards. Ray-Ray McCloud had the ball bounce of his hands on 2nd down, so 3rd and 7 upcoming. Ben Roethlisberger was sacked, so the Steelers will punt.

Latavius Murray up the gut again for a big play. This time 22 yards. Ahkello Witherspoon injured on the play. He was on the bottom of that pile at the end of the play. He got up on his own to get to the medical tent.

Another massive run up the middle for Murray. The Ravens are gashing the Steelers. 184 rushing yards for the Ravens today. A defensive battle somehow devolved into same-old song and dance.

4th and inches in the redzone, the Ravens went for it and succeeded.


The running defense is once again letting the team down.

Cameron Sutton undercut the route and intercepted Huntley in the end zone. A big relief for the Steelers.

From the 20 yard line, Ben Roethlisberger connected with Najee Harris on the check down for 3 yards. Chase Claypool with the sweep. Najee Harris had an excellent block on the play good for a first down.

Najee Harris lost a yard on 1st down. On 2nd down, Chase Claypool got about 9 yards on an out route. 3rd and 1, the Steelers haven’t had much success in the short yardage situations. Ben checked down to Najee Harris who slipped around the first defender and got upfield for the first down.

Benny Snell with his own massive stiff arm to pick up a first down, but Joe Haeg was penalized, so it came back. On 2nd down, Ben threw a dart, but it was nearly intercepted.

3rd and 25, Chase Claypool gets the ball on a wide receiver screen. Is anyone surprised with the play call? It gets nowhere near the line to gain. Pressley Harvin’s punt was downed inside the 15 yard line of the Ravens.

A quick three-and-out for the Ravens. Robert Spillane and Cameron Heyward stuffed them on 3rd and 2 for a gain of just 1. The Ravens line up to punt.

Ray-Ray McCloud with an excellent and much needed kick return to the midfield mark. On 1st down, Chase Claypool got an 8 yard reception as he fell to the ground. Tyus Bowser was injured on the play. Chase Claypool got the ball in motion again and ran for two yards and a fresh set of downs.

On 1st down, Diontae Johnson lost two yards on a screen pass. On 2nd and 12, Freiermuth caught the ball and fought through contact to bring up 3rd and short. John Leglue jumped for a false start, so 3rd and 9. Ben targeted McCloud deep in the middle of the field and connected for a 20 yard gain. An explosive play for the Steelers.

1st and 10 from the 19, the pass was deflected and nearly picked off. On 2nd, Harris picked up about 4 yards. Freiermuth got the ball again on 3rd down and turned up field for a fresh set of downs.

Chuks Okorafor was called for false start. The offensive line is shooting the team in the foot on this drive. 1st and goal from the 9 yard line. Diontae Johnson picked up a few yards on 1st. On 2nd, Chase Claypool caught the ball and skated through the secondary for the touchdown. 13-10 Steelers.

Back to back plays the Ravens pick up big chunks. The Ravens are now in Justin Tucker range to tie this game. It would be a long one, but definitely doable for Tucker.

Terrell Edmunds deflected the pass on 1st down, but on 2nd Mark Andrews picked up 7. On 3rd and short, Heyward and Schobert got the stuff for no gain. Justin Tucker field goal is good. 13-13 Even.

With 1:13 remaining and one timeout, the Steelers take the field. A field goal will win it.

On 1st down, Ben connected with Pat Freiermuth for a 1st down.

The Ravens had an injury timeout for Chris Westry. The Ravens are beat up, Ben must take advantage to win this game.

On 1st, Ben incomplete to Ray-Ray McCloud. On 2nd, Ben connected with Chase Claypool for 6 yards to get to the 41 yard line. They need about 25 more yards to get into Boswell range. On 3rd down, Pat Freiermuth didn’t quite lower his shoulder enough and opted to get out of bounds. He didn’t make it and the Steelers punted.

Pressley Harvin’s punt went to the 18 yard line.

On 1st down, Mark Andrews good for 12 yards and got out of bounds.

On the next 1st down, a deep shot to Marquise Brown was unable to be caught in bounds. On 2nd down, Marquise Brown was targeted again deep in the middle, but no good. The ball was overthrown to Andrews on 3rd down, so 4th and 10. Justin Tucker won’t get a chance to win quite yet.

This game is going to overtime. What a way to end the season. Couldn’t be a more classic send-off for this rivalry.


The Ravens won the toss and will start with the ball. TJ Watt and the defense will need to stand tall.

Latavius Murray got the ball on 1st and 2nd down and picked up 15 yards.

On 1st down, Murray got the ball again for a 4 yard run up the middle. Schobert in for the tackle. Huntley scrambled and avoided a sack for a gain of 4 yards. 3rd and 2, Murray knifed through the defensive front for a first down.

On 1st down, Cam Heyward stuffed Murray for just a yard. The Ravens are right at the midfield mark. Just outside of reasonable field goal range for Justin Tucker. On 2nd, Ahkello Witherspoon extended his arm out to bat the pass down. 3rd and 9, Huntley overthrew the route. TJ Watt was applying heavy pressure right away. Sam Koch punting for the Ravens.

The Steelers get the ball at the 17 yard line. A field goal wins and likely puts the team into the playoffs. What a crazy overtime.

On 1st down, Najee Harris caught the ball with one hand and turned up field for 11 yards. Chris Boswell warming up on the sidelines.

On the next 1st down, Najee up the middle for 3. On 2nd and 7, Ben was off target. On 3rd and 7, Ben found Pat Freiermuth in a tight window for a first down.

On 1st and 10, Zach Gentry got about two yards out on the perimeter. Patrick Queen got the tackle for the Ravens. 2nd and 8, Najee Harris up the middle for no gain, so another 3rd and long for the Steelers. Diontae Johnson made a huge play for the Steelers beating the defenders to the sideline for the first down. The Steelers need just about 9 more yards to be in field goal range.

On 1st down, Najee Harris up the middle for a gain of 2. On 2nd, Ben incomplete intended for McCloud. McCloud dropped what was an excellently placed throw by Ben. 3rd and 8, and Pittsburgh called its first timeout.

Ray-Ray McCloud may have just dropped the playoffs.

3rd and 8 from the 41 yard line, Diontae Johnson dropped the ball over the middle. Nobody is stepping up to make the play. A field goal would be incredibly difficult from this range. The offense is lining up to go for it.

On 4th and 8, the Steelers go for it and Ray-Ray McCloud redeemed himself.

Najee Harris bounced one outside to the left to pick up a first down. The Steelers opt to take a knee to send it to the 2:00 warning.

Chris Boswell kicked the field goal. Its good. Steelers win!


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