2021 Week 15 Steelers Vs Titans Live Update And Discussion Thread – Second Half

The Pittsburgh Steelers are trailing the Tennessee Titans 13-3 entering the 2nd half. Much of the same first half woes that the team has experienced over the last month. No identity on offense, defense getting stuck on the field for long drives.

The Titans get the ball at the top of the half and will have a chance to extend their lead.

The kickoff resulted in a touchback.

D’Onta Foreman went left tackle for 9 yards on 1st. The Steelers getting gashed on 1st down. Foreman got the ball again for 12 yards, nearing the midfield mark.

On 1st, Foreman got the ball again, but was tackled for a 1 yard gain this time. Cameron Heyward in on the tackle. Dantrell Hilliard got the ball on a screen pass, tackled by Terrell Edmunds in the backfield for a loss of 4. The Steelers burned a timeout on 3rd and 14 as they were not lined up properly. McNichols got the ball up the middle for 6 yards met by Minkah Fitzpatrick. The Titans will punt.

Ray-Ray McCloud returned the punt 11 yards to the 23 yard line. That was an important hold to prevent this game from getting ugly. Offense will need to put together a complete drive. Maybe the no-huddle will be used?

Bud Dupree came in for the sack on 1st down. The Steelers were using the no huddle, and Ben threw deep to Chase Claypool for the interception to Kevin Byard. Defensive offsides, so the pick was negated. 2nd and 14, Chase Claypool dropped the ball. On 3rd, Najee Harris got the check down pass for 5 yards. The Steelers will punt again. The offense is getting heat from the crowd once again.

Pressley Harvin’s punt was tackled right as the receiver caught the ball. Fumble, but it was recovered by the Titans. James Pierre with the forced fumble. Almost a huge play for the team, but the ball didn’t quite bounce right.

Hilliard took the ball on the first two plays for 13 yards on the ground. The rushing defense is going to break some records this year, and not in a good way.

The deep pass intended for Hollister on 1st down was well defended by Terrell Edmunds. Could have been intercepted, went right through his hands. Two dropped interceptions for the Steelers today. 2nd and 10, Rogers was hit hard by Terrell Edmunds in the backfield for a three yard loss. 3rd and 13, TJ Watt in for the sack and a loss of 10. Watt is now 5.5 sacks away from the single season record.

The punt was returned by McCloud for 11 yards to the 37 yard line. Props to Ray-Ray McCloud who is looking way better returning lately. He is finding extra yards with good speed and footwork.

The first play of the drive was a deep incompletion, but there was defensive pass interference on the play. It was offset by a Trai Turner holding. A big gain on the DPI offset, so a repeat 1st down. Chase Claypool received the handoff for a 7 yard gain. On 2nd and 3, Najee Harris for two yards up the middle. 3rd and 1. This hasn’t gone so well for the Steelers this season. Pat Freiermuth received the ball in the middle of the field for the first down pickup. Freiermuth was hit hard and shaken up on the play. There was a flag for unnecessary roughness, so the Steelers are now onto the Titans side of the field.

Pat Freiermuth went straight to the locker room.

Zach Gentry got the ball on a tight end screen and he rumbled down the field for 18 yards.

Najee Harris was able to find the sideline on 1st down for 6 yards. On 2nd down, Ben incomplete to Claypool, but DPI was called. The Steelers will get a fresh set of downs at the one yard line. If they can’t score here, they might as well ship-it for the day.

Najee Harris was tackled for no gain on 1st down. Najee Harris reached for it, but the refs say no touchdown. Ben Roethlisberger tried to sneak up the middle on 2nd down, also for no gain. On 3rd down, Ben Roethlisberger again with the sneak for the touchdown. 13-10 Titans.

That was his first rushing touchdown in three seasons for Ben.

D’Onta Foreman was able to set up 3rd and 1 after the first two runs. The Titans tried to draw the Steelers offsides and then shifted their formation. Foreman found a huge cutback lane and easily got across for the fresh set of downs.

The refs called a fumble recovered by the Steelers, but Foreman was clearly down. The call was reversed after review.

On 1st down, McNichols for 4 yards off left tackle. On 2nd and 6, Tannehill deep incompletion to Westbrook-Ikhine. They have been close on that all day, this one was closer to being intercepted by Minkah Fitzpatrick.

The Steelers forced a fumble on an awkward fumble by McMath. Cameron Sutton hit him to force the ball into the air and Joe Haden either recovered the fumble or intercepted it. Not sure what that will go down as officially. Either way, a great play by the Steelers.

The play stood, so Pittsburgh ball with a chance to tie or take the lead.

Najee Harris took the pitch left for 2 yards on 1st down. On 2nd, Ben complete to James Washington who ran for extra yards and the first down. A gain of 12.


The screen pass to Najee Harris fell incomplete on 1st down. Najee didn’t get his head around quick enough. James Washington caught the ball and tried to get extra yards for the first down, but he had the ball punched out. Thankfully, Ben was roughed on the play, so a free first down.

Najee Harris up the middle on 1st down for 3 yards. Diontae Johnson called for a false start, so its 2nd and 12 now. James Washington for 5 yards on 2nd. Incomplete on 3rd intended for Washington in the middle of the field. The field goal is good. 13-13 Even.

Somehow the Steelers have tied up the game after that abysmal first half. With 13:24 left to play, there is still plenty of time left.

The kickoff resulted in a touchback. On 1st down, Hilliard ran for 15 yards off the left end. Minkah Fitzpatrick with his 11th tackle of the game as he forced the runner out of bounds.

Devin Bush came in to pressure Tannehill on 1st down, and the ball was incomplete. Titans called for offensive holding.

On 1st and 20, Hilliard took the ball up the middle for 4 yards. On 2nd, Swaim received the ball for 5 yards to set up 3rd and 11. Terrell Edmunds made the tackle on Swaim there. On 3rd, Tannehill complete to Rogers for 12 yards and a fresh set of downs. Steelers getting worked on 3rd down on both sides of t he ball.

On 1st and 2nd D’Onta Foreman ran for a total of 7 yards, so another 3rd and short. On 3rd, Joe Schobert intercepted the pass intendedd for Westbrook after it was batted at the line of scrimmage by Taco Charlton. A 24 yard return by Schobert. Steelers have the ball at the 31 yard line. Right around Boswell field goal range to take the lead.

On 1st down, Diontae Johnson got a catch for 7 yards. That is his first catch in a while during this game. Najee Harris was swallowed in the backfield on 2nd for a loss of 2 yards.

Ben Roethlisberger stepped up into the pocket into Bud Dupree. That was kind of a self-sack on Ben Roethlisberger. Boswell attempts the 46 yard field goal and its good. 16-13 Steelers.

The Steelers take their first lead of the day.

Renegade playing in the stadium, the stadium is loud with a lead and the defense should have plenty of extra juice from the atmosphere.

The kickoff was a touchback. Tannehill kept the ball on 1st down and ran for 11 yards to start the drive. Devin Bush met him at the sideline to deliver the hit. If Tannehill starts getting more designed runs that could really open up the offense for Tennessee.

The Titans fumbled the ball on the snap. TJ Watt and Cameron Heyward jumped on the ball to recover. The defense just keeps this team in the game. The offense deserves no part of this, but here we are.

The recovery was officially by TJ Watt.

On 1st down, Ben handed off to Najee Harris who found 6 yards after stutter stepping through the box. Najee Harris ran backwards trying to get to the opposite sideline, but lost 5 yards. Steelers have 3rd and 9 after that big fumble recovery. On 3rd and 9, Ben finds Diontae Johnson for 4 yards. He slipped trying to make a cut. Chris Boswell hits the 48 yard field goal. 19-13 Steelers.

The kickoff resulted in a touchback, so the Titans get the ball down 6 with 4:29 remaining and two timeouts. The defense will need to make a stop.

On 1st down, D’Onta Foreman ran up the middle for 20 yards.

Foreman got the ball again on 1st down, for 6 yards around the right end. Foreman got the first down, but was injured on the play.

Foreman is getting some tape work on the sideline, so it appears they want him to come back in. He looks to be in pain though.

On 1st and 10, Jeremy McNichols up the middle for 3 yards. Again to McNichols on 2nd around the right end for a gain of just 1. Arthur Maulet in on the tackle. On 3rd and 6, Hilliard receives a pass over the middle for 5 yards, just short of the line to gain. Steelers called their 2nd timeout with 2:10 remaining.

Foreman is back in the game after leaving injured a couple plays earlier. 4th and 1, and Foreman gets the handoff. He fights for 1st down and gets very close. The official measurement will happen. He was stopped short and drove his legs for the extra push. The play is called a first down.


On 1st down, Tannehill found Westbrook-Ikhine for 9 yards. Tannehill keeps it himself on 2nd down avoiding the sack and picking up the first down.

On 1st and 10 inside the red zone, Foreman takes it 4 yards. TJ Watt holding his ribs after the play. That is going to be a big absence here as the game comes to a close.

Pittsburgh called a timeout with 00:59 remaining. Derrek Tuszka strip sacked Ryan Tannehill, but it was recovered by the Titans. Titans called for holding on the play. TJ Watt is doing his best D’Onta Foreman impression coming back in the game. Watt is clearly in pain, but fighting like a true football player.

Steelers declined the penalty, so the ball is back at the spot of the fumble to make it 3rd and 14. Tannehill found Rogers for 8 yards with the clock running. Titans called a timeout so they have time before this critical 4th down play.

On 4th and 6, the pass was to Westbrook-Ikhine. The officials gave them great forward progress to get the first down, but it looks like its under review. That was short, there is no way he had that first down. Should be a Steelers victory after review.

The officials spotted that to be too-close-to-call, but still ruled it short. No review will favor the Titans here as the spot was initially bad. The Titans have just one timeout, so the Steelers can kill the clock with knees.

The play was officially upheld.


STEELERS (7-6-1)

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