2021 Week 11 Steelers Vs Chargers Live Update And Discussion Thread – First Half

The Pittsburgh Steelers are all the way on the west coast for their furthest-traveled game of the season. The Los Angeles Chargers have cooled off after a great start to the season, but Justin Herbert will not have to worry about Minkah Fitzpatrick, Joe Haden, or TJ Watt as they battle illness and injury. The Steelers did receive some positive news on Saturday morning as Ben Roethlisberger was officially cleared from the covid list to play.

The Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns applied some additional pressure with tight wins in the early game slate. The Cincinnati Bengals game should be concluding right around when this article is posted, but they are up 10-6 as the first half draws to a close. This Sunday Night Football matchup is a must-win for both opponents as they try and keep pace.

As always, refresh the game thread for live updates, curated tweets, and more. Also be sure to check out the comment section below where fans gather to discuss the game in real-time.

Steelers Inactive Players

OLB T.J. Watt
CB Joe Haden
DE Isaiahh Loudermilk
QB Dwayne Haskins
ILB Buddy Johnson
RB Anthony McFarland Jr.

Chargers Inactive Players

QB Easton Stick
DT Linval Joseph
S Alohi Gilman
DB Mark Webb
FB Gabe Nabers
OT Trey Pipkins
RB Joshua Kelley

The Steelers lost the coin toss and will start out the game on offense. Ben Roethlisberger will start shaking off the rust at the top of the game.


The opening kickoff was kneeled down in the end zone by Ray-Ray McCloud for a touchback.

Najee Harris gets the game started with a one yard run. The run was towards JC Hassenaeur who is filling in for the injured Kevin Dotson. The next play, Najee up the middle and cut outside to gain about 4 yards. The first third down of the game, Ben Roethlisberger complete to Chase Claypool for 8 yards and a fresh set of downs. The two players missing last week combine to convert.

On first down, play action and Ben attempted deep right to Pat Freiermuth. The ball was intercepted, but the defender barely had his foot out, incomplete pass. 2nd and 10, Joey Bosa went into the neutral zone for five yards. 2nd and 5, Najee Harris up the middle for 2 yards. On 2nd, Ben connected with Freiermuth in the middle for 4 yards and a first down. The Steelers are just around the midfield mark now.

Benny Snell got a carry on first down and went up the middle with strong leg drive for 4 yards. On 2nd, Ben complete to Diontae Johnson for 16 yards near the numbers. Johnson lost his feet at the end, but otherwise had a chance at making a man miss.

On 1st down, Benny Snell again up the middle, but a flag down on the play. The Chargers called for defensive holding, automatic first down.

Najee Harris took a big hit on first down and it looked ugly, but he is fortunately not injured. Ben caught a Chargers defender offsides and tried to go deep to Diontae Johnson. Incomplete. On 2nd and 5, Ben incomplete to Freiermuth, it looks to have been dropped. On 3rd down, the Ben tried deep again to Diontae Johnson. It was just slightly overthrown, so it is now 4th down. The Chris Boswell field goal is good. 3-0 Steelers.

The kickoff was returned to the 27 yard line. On 1st down, Justin Herbert opened with a scramble up the middle after seeing an opening for four yards, stopped by Alex Highsmith. On 2nd down, Austin Ekeler good for a 4 yard run, but offensive holding on the play.  On 2nd, Herbert hit Mike Williams short to the right for 2 yards to set up 3rd down. On 3rd, Herbert went deep to Mike Williams complete for 20 yards.

Keeping things up-tempo, probably to expose the backups on defense with communication, the Chargers rushed to the linne and ran a play complete to Jared Cook for 5 yards. Keenan Allen made a very difficult catch on 2nd down for 11 yards and another first down.

On 1st down, Herbert with a short pass to Ekeler on the swing route. Devin Bush met him at the sideline for 6 yards. On 2nd, the Chargers ran a reverse and Arthur Maulet stopped Ekeler short of the line to gain. They were able to punch it across on 3rd down with run up the middle with just enough to pickup the first.

On 1st down, Donald Parham dropped the pass. Austin Ekeler up the middle on 2nd down for 7 yards. Ahkello witherspoon in coverage on Mike Williams and the ball is complete for 17 yards on 3rd down. The Chargers now have first and goal.

James Pierre called for pass interference which only moves the ball a couple yards. Still 1st and goal. The Chargers were able to punch one across with Austin Ekeler, but it was nullified by illegal formation, so now 1st and goal from the 6 yard line. It didn’t matter because the very next play Ekeler ran to the left side of the offense, found a large hole and went in upright for the touchdown. 7-3 Chargers.

That was the first touchdown allowed by the Steelers on an opening drive all season. The Chargers went 73 yards and ate up over 6:00 of clock.

The kickoff resulted in a touchback. On 1st down, Najee Harris had a 3 yard check down reception, but Joey Bosa was offsides again. On 1st and 5, Najee Harris ran behind JC Hassenaeur for 6 yards and the first down.

Najee Harris got the ball on first down again, gaining 4 yards off the left end. Ben dialed up a deep pass to Chase Claypool on 2nd and 6, but he was in double coverage and the ball fell incomplete. Ray-Ray McCloud picked up 8 on a quick out route for a fresh set of downs.


Kalen Ballage in on the 1st down run. He made a cut back inside for three yards. Ray-Ray McCloud on the toss sweep, shaking off a defender for 5 yards along the sideline. On 3rd and 2, Najee Harris up the middle for 2 yards and a first down.

Ben Roethlisberger went deep to Chase Claypool on 1st down. It was an easy touchdown, but it was underthrown. Claypool adjusted for 37 yards. The Steelers have 1st and goal from the 5 yard line.

On 1st down, the Steelers ran a motion sweep to Chase Claypool for 3 yards, down at the two yard line. Najee Harris went up the middle on 2nd down for no gain. They ran into a 9 man box. Ben tried to go back to Claypool on 3rd and goal, but it fell incomplete. The fade was broken up by Asante Samuel Jr. The Steelers opted to go for it on 4th down. Najee Harris went out wide pre-snap and an attempted tunnel screen was blown up. Turnover on downs.

Backed up to their own 2 yard line, the Chargers immediately buy themselves more space with an Austin Ekeler 10 yard run.

On 1st down, Herbert scrambled out to the left for 4 yards. On 2nd, Alex Highsmith stuffed the ball carrier at the line of scrimmage for no gain, setting up 3rd and 6. Herbert kept the ball again on 3rd down, but this time found a big hole for 18 yards. Joe Schobert had his back turned in man coverage which left a huge running lane.

Justin Jackson got the handoff on 1st down for two yards, stopped by Devin Bush. The 2nd down screen pass resulted in 10 yards and a first down.

Now in Steelers’ territory, Justin Herbert scrambled for another 18 yards, forced out of bounds by Cameron Sutton.

Nearing the red zone, Herbert hits Keenan Allen for 18 yards. A handful of 18 yard plays this drive for the Chargers.

Alex Highsmith came in off the edge for the sack on 1st down, a loss of 4. Austin Ekeler received the short pass in the middle of the field and turned upfield for the touchdown. Devin Bush beat on the play. 14-3 Chargers.

That was a 98 yard drive for the Chargers, eating up nearly 7:00 of clock. The Steelers now have 3:42 to try and salvage the quick half.

More offensive line injuries for the Steelers. They might need to start getting creative with their personnel soon.

Ray-Ray McCloud returned the kickoff 30 yards, so the Steelers will start their drive on the 35 yard line. Najee Harris rushed off the right tackle for 12 yards. Kendrick Green had a bit of a hot snap there, hopefully no repeats from last week.

On 1st down, Diontae Johnson couldn’t quite haul in the off-target pass from Ben. A beautiful pass on 2nd down to Diontae Johnson for 22 yards. Pass interference was called and declined.

Back to Johnson on 1st down completed for 7 yards to get the Steelers just outside the red zone.


On 2nd down, Najee Harris ran up the middle for 4 yards and the first down.

Now in the red zone, Ben passed to Diontae Johnson complete for 9 yards before going out of bounds. 2nd and 1, Diontae Johnson with the toe drag swag on the fade good for the touchdown. 14-10 Chargers.

The Chargers will have 1:09 left in the half to respond before getting the ball back at the top of the 2nd half.

On 1st down, Justin Herbert complete to Keenan Allen for 14 yards. Defensive holding on the next play moved the Chargers up to their own 44 yard line with another fresh set of downs.

Austin Ekeler received the short pass on the right side of the field for 9 yards, staying in bounds. The Chargers burn their first timeout.

With 00:39 remaining, Robert Spillane was in for the sack, but offsides was called. 1st down again, Herbert complete to Jared Cook for 10 yards into field goal range. The Chargers call their 2nd timeout with 00:27 remaining inside of field goal range.

Devin Bush has not been in for this end-of-half drive after glaring mistakes in the first two drives.

Another 18 yard completion for Herbert has the Chargers inside the red zone with 00:21 remaining.

Incomplete on first down, the next play Austin Ekeler advances a few yards before getting out of bounds. Only 00:10 remaining in the half. Chris Wormley down injured on the play. The defensive line is banged up and cannot afford for Wormley to miss time. He looks fine on the sideline.

The Chargers were called for a false start on the field goal, but its still a very manageable chip shot. The field goal is good. 17-10 Chargers.


Join us for the 2nd half here.

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