2021 Week 6 Steelers Vs Seahawks Live Update And Discussion Thread – Second Half

The Pittsburgh Steelers lead the Seattle Seahawks 14-0 after the first half. Seattle will get the ball back after halftime, but they have not managed to get anything going on offense without Russell Wilson at quarterback.

After Eric Ebron’s rushing touchdown, many scrambled to see if it has been done before.

He has five career carries for -6 yards and 3 touchdowns. That is one odd stat line.

The Seahawks start with the ball at the 25 yard line after a touchback. Alex Collins for 5 yards off the right tackle on 1st. Similar story the next play, as he picked up enough for the first down. Minkah Fitzpatrick with the tackle.

Another 1st down run on back to back plays for Alex Collins. The Seahawks appear to have a game plan now, and it is to not use Geno Smith as much as possible. The Steelers safeties have to start playing up a little bit.

DK Metcalf with the quick catch and run for 9, and DeeJay Dallas was able to pick up the 1st down on 2nd. Alex Collins with another two successful runs in a row. This is going to be a… “fun” drive to break down tomorrow.

Like a broken record, another good run for Alex Collins. He initially was stopped, but bounced out around the pile. A flag came in after the play. TJ Watt called for a personal foul. He was just trying to get in the pile and punch the ball out, but the refs called him for punching the player. 1st and goal from the 4 yard line.

Alex Collins in for the touchdown. That was the Alex Collins drive. Steelers offense needs a drive in response to allow the defense some time to adjust with the x’s and o’s. 14-7 Steelers.

That was 10 plays, 75 yards for the Seahawks on that scoring drive and most of them were from Alex Collins as he gashed up the Steelers run defense.

Ray-Ray McCloud with a nice pickup on 1st down. Seattle Seahawks corner, Sidney Jones down injured on the play. Seattle is already weak and thin at corner, so Ben needs to target the backup here and test him.

Najee Harris for 6 yards on the ground on first down. Ben and Chase Claypool weren’t on the same page with the route and the ball fell incomplete.

Diontae Johnson found the soft spot of the zone on 3rd down. Ben Roethlisberger threaded the needle for a huge conversion!

The next play, Johnson with another deep pass to Diontae Johnson on the left sideline. This might be Ben Roethlisberger’s best game so far this year. Same goes for Johnson.

The Steelers are in the redzone on the 18 yard line. Diontae Johnson went backwards on the 2nd down screen pass. Chase Claypool with an illegal block in the back, so now they are right at field goal range. A big negative play for the Steelers.

The Steelers drive was killed by the penalty and they had to settle for a field goal. Chris Boswell nails the 27 yard chip shot. 17-7 Steelers.

Time to see if the Steelers defense was able to make the necessary adjustments. DeeJay Dallas returned the kick to the 38 to give the Seahawks good field position.

Alex Collins was brought down for no gain on first, but Tyler Lockett picked up the first down on 2nd. That was his first catch of the day.

Geno Smith hit Gerald Everett who broke multiple tackles and ran for 41 yards. Joe Schobert managed to trip him up just short of the end zone. 1st and goal from the 2 yard line. Alex Collins almost span in for the touchdown, but was brought down by Cameron Heyward.

Will Dissly in for the touchdown on 2nd down. TJ Watt bit on the play fake or it would have been a sack. 17-14 Steelers.

This game is suddenly close. So far, the Steelers defense can’t solve this offense after 2nd half adjustments.

Najee Harris tackled for a loss on 1st down. Steelers need to end the momentum here. Najee Harris check down on 2nd for a small gain. Chase Claypool with a 50/50 ball that he couldn’t bring in on 3rd. The Steelers will punt and the Seahawks now have a chance to take control of this game.

Pressley Harvin had perhaps his worst punt of the year as he shanked it for 32 yards.

Alex Collins for another 13 yards on 1st down. Now in Steelers’ territory at the 44 yard line.

Cameron Heyward trying to take the game into his own hands. He makes the stop on Alex Collins on 1st down. Geno Smith with an off-target low throw on 2nd. Travis Homer with a short catch that he turned into a long run. The tackling woes continue for the Steelers.

It seems like the Seahawks offense can suddenly do no wrong after a terrible first half.


The Steelers really need a turnover or something to turn the tide. Alex Collins with the run for 5 yards. Phillip Dorsett with the reception on 2nd down to make it 3rd and 3 on the 8 yard line.

Alex Highsmith in for his 2nd sack of the day (and season). A huge and necessary play. Highsmith made a huge play there. 40 yard field goal attempt for Seattle and its good. 17-17 Even.

Najee Harris on the first play of the drive for a 10 yard run and a first down. Kalen Ballage with an excellent run for another Steelers first down. He was a bowling ball in that hole.

Ben Roethlisberger appeared to have fumbled, but it was called an incomplete pass. It was about to be an epic pump fake by Ben. The Seahawks are challenging that it was a fumble. Oh boy, if this ends up being a turnover. It is really borderline.

The way the commentators are talking, it should end up being a fumble. Unfortunately, I agree. The ruling on the field was incomplete pass, so they have that going for them at least.

Pete Carroll celebrating on the sideline, so it looks like the Seahawks have the ball. An unreal turn of events in the second half here.

Alex Collins eclipsed the 100 yard mark after a 16 yard gain, but there is a flag down. Holding on Seattle. Steelers defense must take advantage of the 1st and 20.

DeeJay Dallas immediately erased that penalty and they are at 2nd and 10. They are in borderline field goal territory. TJ Watt deflected the pass for the second time tonight. 3rd and 10. This is a must win situation for the defense.

Tre Norwood made another huge play, beating the block and making the huge tackle for no gain. That is his third huge 3rd down stop this game.

The Seahawks punt and it goes for a touchback. That holding call on the Seahawks was huge.

Najee Harris for 3 yards on first down. He was punched similar to how TJ Watt got penalized earlier, but no call. Chase Claypool with the catch and run for a fresh set of downs. Good contact balance for Claypool to get the extra yardage.

Harris with the 1st down rush again, this time for only 1 yard. Dan Moore Jr down injured on the play. Unfortunately Zach Banner is inactive for tonight, so Joe Haeg would likely fill in for him at left tackle. There is also a chance Chuks goes to left tackle and Haeg to right.

Diontae Johnson just had his first official drop of the year on 2nd and long. He came back for the ball and it was a bit low, but it was ultimately catchable. What a terrible time for his first drop.

Ben Roethlisberger way off target to Chase Claypool on 3rd. The Seahawks will get the ball back after the punt with 07:38 remaining in the game.

Pressley Harvin redeemed his earlier shank and had a huge punt to get the Seahawks inside their own 20. Justin Layne made the special teams tackle.

TJ Watt and Cameron Heyward make the stop on first down as Alex Collins tried to bounce outside. TJ Watt and Isaiahh Loudermilk with the stop on 2nd down. 3rd and 12 now. This would be a very timely three-and-out for the Steelers.

Cameron Heyward and Robert Spillane in for the 3rd down stop on the screen pass. The Steelers get the ball back after a huge punt. McCloud was stopped at the 25 yard line.

Najee Harris with about 4 yards there on 1st down. Pat Freiermuth caught the ball and span into the first down as he was being tackled.

Najee Harris found the opening on 1st down and picked up 9 yards. Kendrick Green with the key block and getting kudos on national television.

Najee punched it across for the first down. Injured Seahawk on the carry. Darrell Taylor down injured on the play.

There is 03:18 left in the game, tied up 17-17. Both teams have 3 timeouts and the Steelers are right around midfield. A very good chance this could end with a Chris Boswell field goal.

Really scary scene here for Darrell Taylor. It looked like Trai Turner may have hit him in the back as they were going down and he twisted down funny. No clue what actually happened, but he is being stretchered off.

Najee Harris picked up 10 yards on the first play after the stoppage. The clock ticking down to the 2:00 warning. Probably one more play before it. Najee Harris for about 5 yards on 1st.


Chase Claypool called for offensive pass interference as he pushed off at the end of the pass. The Steelers are now out of field goal range with 2nd and 15. Jamal Adams dropped the interception.

3rd and 15, and Najee Harris made some nice things happen there after the catch. The Seahawks called the timeout to stop the clock at 01:35. A 52 yard attempt for Boswell. Absolutely crucial that he hits this. And he does! 20-17 Steelers.

The Seahawks take over with two timeouts and 01:30 remaining. Geno Smith complete to Will Dissly who got out of bounds for a gain of 7. The Seahawks also have a formidable kicker in Jason Myers. DeeJay Dallas with two positive plays and a 1st down, nearly picking up a second as well.

The Seahawks call their 2nd timeout with 00:52 remaining.

On 2nd and 3, DeeJay Dallas caught the pass in the middle of the field to set up 3rd and inches, but he didn’t get out of bounds so the clock is ticking. DK Metcalf caught the ball along the sideline to pick up the first and stop the game.

DeeJay Dallas in the middle of the field again, so the Seahawks have to call their final timeout. 00:18 remaining in the game. The Seahawks are in range of a 52 yard field goal.

The Seahawks have one play here to go either go deep and win, or get a more manageable field goal. Pittsburgh calls timeout.

DK Metcalf fumbled along the sideline so the ball didn’t get out of bounds and the clock was running. The Seahawks snapped the ball as the clock hit 00:00, but its under review. They might not even get the chance to kick the field goal.

It looks like they stopped the clock on review and negated the spike at all. Mike Tomlin is livid on the sidelines as the Seahawks have 00:03 remaining. They spiked the ball and there is now 00:02 remaining for a 43 yard field goal attempt to send it to overtime. He hit the field goal and we are headed to overtime. 20-20 Even.


Russell Wilson in for the coin toss. I have never seen someone in street clothes in for the coin toss. Seahawks win the toss and will receive the ball.

Geno Smith will get his chance to be the hero first. Steelers defense couldn’t hold them under two minutes at the end of the game. The defense has been very up-and-down. Overtime at Heinz field under the lights is the time to be up.

Boswell kicked it shy of the end zone, and DeeJay Dallas ran it out to about the 27 yard line.

Travis Homer on first down for one yard tackled at the line by TJ Watt. Watt got double teamed by two tight ends, but they were no match for Watt.

On 2nd and 9, Geno Smith connected with Tyler Lockett in the middle of the field for a big gain to get them to the midfield mark. Cameron Heyward with a tackle for a loss of four. 2nd and 14 now from their own 45 yard line. The Steelers playing them soft to allow nothing deep and DeeJay Dallas caught one underneath for 8 yards. 3rd and 4 now.

TJ Watt with a huge sack! They were probably in four down territory, but not anymore. TJ Watt with a monster play to force the punt.

Ray-Ray McCloud brought out of bounds on the punt at the 20 yard line. Najee Harris up the middle on 1st down for about 4 yards.

Pat Freiermuth brought down for a short gain by Jamal Adams, so its now 3rd and 4. A massive play for the outcome of this game.

Ben hit Ray-Ray McCloud along the sideline and he came up short of the sticks. Tre Brown squared him up and did not allow any extra yards. Pressley Harvin with a huge unreturnable punt to the 15 yard line. 56 yards for the rookie.

Geno Smith tried to evade pressure and step up in the pocket, but TJ Watt came in for the strip sack recovered by Devin Bush! Barring catastrophe, that is the game.

Ben Roethlisberger fell over in between the hashes to give Chris Boswell good position to nail a short field goal. The Steelers are taking knees here to bleed the clock out in case Boswell misses.

Boswell for a 37 yarder and its good! Chris Boswell was clutch all game. An ugly, ugly game for this defense, but a win is a win. Steelers advance to 3-3, while the Seahawks fall to 2-4. What a difference that is.


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