Mike Hilton Says Steelers Biggest Trash Talkers Are T.J. Watt, Chase Claypool

Who is the best trash talker on both sides of the football for the Pittsburgh Steelers right now? Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Mike Hilton answered those questions on Tuesday during his media session ahead of his team’s Week 3 road game at Heinz Field. One of Hilton’s answers might just surprise you.

“Oh, man. there’s quite a few,” Hilton said. “If I say defensively, surprisingly, T.J. [Watt] talks a good bit, but he’s one of the guys that definitely backs it up. But I will say T.J.

Man, I did not expect Watt to be Hilton’s answer on the defensive side of the football. I figured it might be an even more veteran player such as defensive tackle Cameron Heyward or cornerback Joe Haden.

So, who talks the most trash on the offensive side of the football for the Steelers? Hilton named his choice and to me, it wasn’t a surprise.

“I’ll probably say [Chase] Claypool,” Hilton said. “You know, he definitely likes to talk, but like I said, he’s just like T.J., he makes a lot of plays for them, and he embraces his role.”

Once again, I’m not surprised as I certainly can envision Claypool talking a lot of trash both in practice and in games.

In case you’re curious, Hilton, he spent the last five seasons with the Steelers before signing a four-year, $24 million contract with the Bengals this offseason, believes he might be the biggest trash talker on his new team, at least on the defensive side of the football.

Defense? I have to put myself up there,” Hilton said. “Either me or Germaine Pratt. And then on the offensive side, I’d probably have to say Joe Mixon. He definitely likes to talk a good bit, but it’s all fun and games when were out here competing.

So, expect Claypool and Hilton to possibly talk a little trash to each other during Sunday’s game at Heinz Field. Why? For obvious reasons with one of those being that this will be the first divisional game this season for both teams. While there’s sure to be trash talking from both sides on Sunday, however, Hilton said on Tuesday that his team needs to be careful to not let it go beyond that and turn into something that might draw a taunting penalty.

“Especially against a rivalry team,” Hilton said on Wednesday. “You know, there’s definitely going to be a lot of jawing and a lot of extra, but we’ve just gotta be smart about how we do it. You know, don’t celebrate over an opponent, and cause us to give them a first down or something like that. We’ve just gotta be smart and we’ve gotta keep our heads level.”

We’ll see if the Steelers are able to keep their heads level on Sunday as well and one week after guard Trai Turner was disqualified from the team’s Week 2 home game against the Las Vegas Raiders after spitting at a player later in the second half.

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