ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky Says Pre- And At-Snap Motion ‘Very Exciting’ For Steelers’ Offense

It’s really tough to take much of anything away from a preseason game, let alone the first one of the entire season. That said, ESPN analyst and former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky is loving the new look of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense.

Taking on the Dallas Cowboys Thursday night at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton for the Hall of Fame game, the Steelers showcased some of their new-look offense under first-year offensive coordinator Matt Canada, featuring quite a bit of pre- and at-snap motion designed to get guys into the best matchups possible while trying to create some confusion for the defense.

Right away Thursday night, the Steelers were moving all over the place trying to get guys lined up in ideal situations while trying to confuse not only (and most importantly) the Cowboys’ defense under Gus Bradley, but the viewers as well.

Though the pre-snap motion and at-snap motion caused a fumble between Mason Rudolph and Chase Claypool in the first quarter, it’s quite clear this Steelers’ offense pre-snap is going to be something we’ve never truly seen in Pittsburgh, which is a great thing considering the simplicity and stagnation the offense showed late last season.

Obviously, time will tell with the offense under Canada as it’s highly likely he has some more in his bag of tricks when it comes to pre- and at-snap motion. Add in the fact that the Steelers were under center a ton on Thursday night, and it could truly bode well for an offense searching for balance in 2021.

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