Minkah Fitzpatrick Has Incredible New Pittsburgh-Themed Cleats Courtesy Of Local Artist

Carlee Annabella is a local artist in Pittsburgh and an extremely talented one at that. Over the years she has done painted portraits of several members of the Pittsburgh Steelers in addition to doing painted cleats for several featuring various themes. On Friday, Annabella revealed on Instagram that she has now painted cleats for Steelers safety Minkah Fitzpatrick fort the 2021 season and they are quite awesome.

One pair of the two sets of cleats for Fitzpatrick she has on her Instagram page includes a slew of Pittsburgh staples on them. Another pair features the Terrible Towel on them.

The other new pair Pittsburgh-themed cleats of Fitzpatrick’s include the three Pittsburgh professional major sports team’s logos on them along with Pittsburgh icons Mister Rogers and Roberto Clemente. Additionally, that same pair of cleats include famous Pittsburgh staples such as Primanti Brothers, Heinz Ketchup and not to be left out, Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup Can illustration. The famous incline on Mount Washington and the backdrop of the city of Pittsburgh skyline are also featured on that particular pair of cleats.

Make sure you check out Carlee’s website as well as you can purchase items from there that you might like. Link is here:

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