Nate Burleson Says Steelers Will Have One Of The Best RB Duos In NFL In 2021

Which team will have the best running back duos in the NFL in 2021? While there are a lot of great choices currently out there when it comes to possibly having what will ultimately be the correct answer, I’m not sure a lot of people would choose Najee Harris and Benny Snell Jr. That. however, is exactly the duo that Nate Burleson of the NFL Network chose during a Tuesday segment on ‘Good Morning Football.’

Burleson proudly and boldly pointed to the proverbial fence when asked to give his thoughts on who he thinks might wind up being the best running back duo in the NFL in 2021.

“Watch me call my shot and remember this moment when I said it,” Burleson said. “Benny Snell and Najee Harris will be one of the top duos in the NFL. Najee Harris will finish in the top 10 and Benny Snell will be a great compliment. They will be a best duo, one of the best duos in the NFL.”

That’s one heck of a prediction by Burleson. Is it really that outlandish, however? After all, if Harris stays healthy and gets 300 or so touches as a rookie, he very well could put up 1,500 or more total yards from scrimmage in 2021. Whatever Snell adds to that would be gravy and he has averaged 439 total yards from scrimmage in his first two seasons. So, what if the two combine to have 1,900 total yards from scrimmage in 2021? Would that at least put them in the discussion for best running back duo in the NFL?

Last season, New Orleans Saints running backs Alvin Kamara and Latavius Murray combined to have 2,564 total yards from scrimmage. Additionally, the Cleveland Browns two running backs, Nick Chubb, and Kareem Hunt, combined to have 2,362 total yards from scrimmage. Heck Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry registered 2141 total yards from scrimmage just by himself in 2020.

So, basically, I think Harris and Snell would need to combine to have well over 2000 total yards from scrimmage in 2021 to be in any sort of conversation as being the best running back duo in the NFL in 2021. If that does happen, odds are good that the Steelers will be in the playoffs.

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