2021 Steelers Schedule Leaks – UPDATING

The NFL will release the full 2021 regular season schedule later Wednesday evening and in addition to the Week 1 games now being known, already a few reported leaks are beginning to surface regarding games that indirectly affect the Pittsburgh Steelers and their order of opponents.

It’s already known that the Steelers will open their 2021 regular season against the Buffalo Bills.

We also now apparently know that the Steelers will not be playing the Las Vegas Raiders or the Denver Broncos in Week 6 and Week 16.

In Week 12, the Thanksgiving games are reportedly leaded and if they are correct, the Steelers will not be playing the Raiders, Chicago Bears or Detroit Lions in Week 12. This also obviously means that the Steelers will not be playing on Thanksgiving in 2021.

The Bears and Raiders will play in Week 5 per this report and thus the Steelers will not play either of those two teams that week.

The Cleveland Browns and Green Bay Packers will reportedly play in Week 16 so those are two teams the Steelers won’t play that week.

The tweet below claims Steelers at Packers in Week 4.

This tweet below claims the Steelers will be hosting the Seattle Seahawks in Week 6 on Sunday night.

This supposedly leaked partial Broncos schedule has the Steelers hosting the Broncos in Week 5.

This report claims the Steelers are hosting the Bears on Monday night in Week 9.

Steelers home opener is in Week 2 against the Raiders.

This is the supposed 2021 Steelers schedule.

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