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TEs Coach Alfredo Roberts Excited About Pat Freiermuth’s Positional Versatility

Alfredo Roberts, Pat Freiermuth

Pat Freiermuth is a tight end, but new TEs Coach Alfredo Roberts hopes to use him in as many ways as possible. Speaking about the pick and the newest Steeler, Roberts said he’s excited for all the scenarios in which Freirmuth can be used in the Steelers’ offense.

“He has position flexibility,” he said in a Zoom call provided to us by the team. “He’s going to be kind of a throwback tied in because he can play the position. He can do some multiple things. He can flex him out. And his positional flexibility is going to give us a chance to do a lot of different things and a lot of different sets with the guys that are already here.”

Freiermuth has the size, length, and blocking ability to function as a Y, in-line tight end. That’s not something you get with every tight end in the draft, especially in this day and age. But he has the mismatch ability and physicality to line up in the slot — the Steelers refer to that as the “F” — and perhaps even as the backside “X” receiver in certain situations.

Freiermuth has publicly been on the Steelers’ radar since his Penn State Pro Day workout. TEs Coach Alfredo Roberts put him through drills at his Pro Day.

“I’m excited to work with them. I had an opportunity to work with him in his Pro Day. The energy he exudes, he’s a serious but fun guy.”

Here was Roberts’ reaction after putting him through drills. It was easy to tell Roberts wanted to draft him and probably would’ve picked him at #24 if he had the power.

Afterwards, Freiermuth said he and Roberts had spoken quite a bit.

“That’s my guy,” he told us in a media Zoom call. “Me and him have a really good relationship so far. We’ve met a couple times. We’re going to continue to meet. He’s a great guy and someone that I’d love to play for….I’d be very happy to join their organization.”

For the first time in 2007, the Steelers have made a long-term investment at the position. And the right year to do it with Eric Ebron entering the final year of his contract. His deal will void before the start of the new year begins.

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