2021 NFL Draft Weekend: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday and welcome to the second day of the 2021 NFL Draft.

Thursday night was quite exciting, especially during the second half of the first round. The Steelers were able to watch running back Najee Harris make it through some questionable draft selections Thursday night, and once past 18, it seemed all but certain the team was going to have a shot at drafting him. Well, they did, and now the Steelers have their bell cow for the next few years.

We pumped out a ton of content on Thursday and now look to do the same Friday night as the Steelers are scheduled to make two selections as the night goes on. At least one of those two selections figures to be an offensive lineman, a center specifically. It will be interesting to see if one of the scheduled Friday night picks winds up being a defensive player.

We will be with you all night and through the early morning and we hope you are enjoying our coverage of the 2021 NFL Draft so far. Thank you for stopping by.

As usual, I have five questions for yinz to answer these next several hours, and I look forward to reading the responses in the comments below this post.

Have a great rest of your weekend and once again, thank you for stopping by the site.

1 – After all these years, Steelers Hall of Fame running back Franco Harris still owns the team’s rookie season rushing record with 1,055 yards. Will new running back Najee Harris finally break that record in 2021?

2 – Over/under 1259.5 total yards from scrimmage for running back Najee Harris in 2021?

3 – Will the Steelers draft a punter on Day 3 of the 2021 NFL Draft?

4 – What position will the Steelers’ final draft pick of 2021 be listed at by the team?

5 – What are your current feelings on the selection of running back Najee Harris Thursday night?

a) Loved it
b) Liked it
c) Meh
d) Hated it
e) Fire Colbert

Recap Of Weekend Before The Draft: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Question 1: 63.2% of responders said they would prefer to draft a slot corner over an outside one.

Question 2: In the hypothetical of Najee Harris being off the board, 50% of responders said they would want North Carolina’s Javonte Williams as the next Steelers’ back. In second place was Clemson’s Travis Etienne with 27.8% of the vote. Also receiving votes were Ohio State’s Trey Sermon (11.1%) and Memphis’ Kenneth Gainwell (11.1%). Oklahoma’s Rhamondre Stevenson received one vote (5.6%). Of course, this all became moot with the Steelers taking Harris at #24.

Question 3: Not many people cared about the number rule and if any Steeler should switch to single digits. Two people said JuJu should bring back #9, while one person said it would be cool for Joe Haden to bring back his college number of 5.

Question 4: All but one person said they would consider drafting Alabama center Landon Dickerson. But it was a much more varied answer of where he should be drafted. Only 21.1% of voters said/implied they’d be comfortable taking him in the first round. 36.8% said they would consider it in the second round while 26.3% said they’d have the conversation in the third round. 5.3% of voters said they would consider drafting him but not until Day 3 while 5.3% of voters said he’s off their board.

Question 5: 65% of readers said if Mike Tomlin retired today, he would make it into the Hall of Fame. Some of the 35% who said no stated if he won another Super Bowl, he’d get in.

Thanks to everyone who is responding to the Friday Night Five Questions during the offseason. Good to keep your prognostication skills sharp for the upcoming season. 

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