Ryan Switzer Tweets “Nightmare Is Over With” Following Infant Son’s Monday Surgery

Ryan Switzer and his son

Former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Ryan Switzer passed along some great news on Monday after his infant son Christian had surgery to correct an internal problem he’s been undergoing that had led to several episodes of bleeding.

“Our sweet baby boy is stable and out of surgery,” Switzer tweeted on Monday. “This nightmare is over with. These wonderful people in Boston fixed our son. He’s going to make a full recovery. Praise God.”

Switzer, who is now with the Cleveland Browns, has religiously recounted Christian’s recent string of health struggles on social media since he was first taken to the hospital on March 6 after waking up in his own blood. The baby had reportedly previously tested positive for COVID-19 as well.

Switzer passed along word on social media last week that Christian was being transferred from a hospital in North Carolina to Boston Children’s Hospital. The child had another scan Monday morning after previous ones showed an abnormality and was ultimately admitted for surgery.

“The surgeon on our case assured us they found what they’re looking for in order to operate,” Switzer tweeted. “We’re grateful they’ve located what’s been a mystery for far too long now. We’re praying God guides the surgeons as they operate and that this is the last time our sweet boy has to go through anything of this magnitude ever again.”

Switzer has repeatedly thanked fans for their support on social media. Here is to the hope that Christian’s medical problem is now in the past once and for all and that the Switzer family can get back to being a healthy family again.

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