Primanti Bros. Will Change Name To Watt Bros. If Steelers Sign J.J. Watt

Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers really want the team to land new free agent defensive end J.J. Watt following him being released on Friday by the Houston Texans, the team that originally drafted him. At least one local and famous Pittsburgh business, Primanti Bros., has even gone as far as to make a unique offer to promote a Watt brother reunion in the Steel City as well.

Per a Saturday morning tweet from Primanti Bros., If J.J. Watt is signed by the Steelers and thus reunited with brothers T.J. Watt and Derek Watt, they’ll rename themselves Watt Bros.

The elder Watt, J.J., announced on Friday morning on Twitter that he and the Texans had decided to mutually part ways. The team officially terminated his contract Friday evening and thus he’s now officially a free agent and able to sign with whatever team he chooses. This news obviously resulted in several Steelers fans hoping that J.J. could possibly join his brothers T.J. and Derek in Pittsburgh.

Not long after the Friday Watt news broke, T.J. Watt, the Steelers outside linebacker, posted a GIF on Twitter suggesting that he wants his older brother to join him in Pittsburgh along with middle brother fullback Derek Watt, who was signed to a three-year free agent contract nearly one full year ago. As far as the odds of the three brothers all being on the Steelers 2021 roster goes, Draftkings Sportsbook posted Friday that the Steelers are the favorites to sign J.J. at +400.

The Steelers have a lot of salary cap issues to work through in these next four weeks just to get compliant. That will make it incredibly tough for them to compete for the services of J.J., assuming he won’t play for the minimum amount of $1.075 million just to play with his brothers.

So, is Primanti Bros. joking? Probably to some degree they are as they certainly wouldn’t change their name to Watt Bros. permanently should the Steelers add J.J. to their Watt brother collection this offseason. The longstanding Pittsburgh restaurant would likely temporarily change their name to Watt Bros. for a day or two should the Steelers find a way to sign J.J. and I bet all three of the Watt boys would be allowed to eat free at any location for the rest of their football careers as well. Heck, maybe each of the Subway representatives would wind up having a sandwich named in their honor.

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