2020 Week 12 Steelers Vs Ravens Live Update And Discussion Thread – Second Half

The Pittsburgh Steelers are leading 12-7 at the half after an extremely fortunate end to the half. The Ravens were on the 1 yard line and some poor clock management and a Luke Willson drop as the clock expired made them exit a good drive with zero points.

The Steelers will get the ball back and the offense will have a chance to give the Steelers some breathing room in a shockingly close game at half. Drops, poor execution, sloppy special teams, and poor red zone offense have made this a close match so far.

Is any defensive back as good in the end zone as Minkah?

Ray-Ray McCloud took the opening kickoff to the 30 yard line, but a flag on the play. More slop to open the half. Steelers on the 19.

The Steelers pass interference offense showing up again. Chase Claypool has drawn more PI yards than any receiver in the game, and he just tacked 36 yards onto the total.

A nice catch by Diontae Johnson on 2nd down to give 3rd and 1, but an incomplete to Juju Smith-Schuster on 3rd brings up 4th and 1. The Steelers go for it again and its incomplete to Chase Claypool short in the middle of the field. Nearly intercepted, but regardless, the Ravens get the ball.

The running game clearly does not have the trust of the coaching staff. It was already anemic with James Conner, with him out… perhaps it is for the best. It is surprising though, as the Ravens defensive line is mostly comprised of backups.

Bud Dupree made the tackle on first down for a 6 yard Gus Edwards pickup, but limped off the field after. Alex Highsmith in the game. Highsmith and Vince Williams in on the tackle for no gain on 2nd, but Griffin kept the ball for a first down pickup on 3rd.

A weak (late) call on Cameron Heyward for roughing the passer and the Ravens have the ball on the Steelers’ 37 yard line.

RGIII kept it on the option once again for a 6-7 yard pickup in the middle. Chris Wormley injured on the play.

How much are the Steelers missing Stephon Tuitt right now?

A hold on DJ Fluker for the second time, and the Ravens are backed up to 2nd and 13 to erase Griffin’s QB run. Would have been a nice 1st down pickup by Gus Edwards too.

Robert Spillane held up Marquise Brown in the flats just long enough to hold him to a minimal gain as other Steelers defenders swarmed in. 3rd down, and TJ Watt with the tackle for loss (TFL) to force a punt. A good recovery from the Steelers to keep the Ravens out of field goal range.

An excellent punt, and the Steelers will start on their own 4 yard line.

Diontae Johnson with an 11 yard reception to get the first down and some much needed breathing room for the Steelers offense.

Ebron picked up about 4 over the middle after Ben held on to the ball for a long time. 3rd and 4 for the Steelers. Ben to Chase Claypool, but he was tackled right away short of the sticks. The Steelers will be forced to punt.

A booming 56 yard punt by Jordan Berry and a flag on the play. Illegal block in the back on the Ravens. They will start on their own 20 yard line.

Not a good look for the Steelers offense after getting rest and remaining largely intact (minus James Conner and Maurkice Pouncey).

Another TJ Watt TFL on 1st down. The Ravens have 2nd and 12. TJ Watt clearly wanted more, as the next play he got a sack for a loss of 9 yards. TJ Watt taking over the game, if nobody else will.

The Steelers sometimes struggle on 3rd and very long, but not this time. The Ravens inexplicably ran the ball for a gain of 6. The Ravens punt and the Steelers will start the drive on the 38 yard line.

Roethlisberger hit in the arm by Yannick Ngakoue to force the incompletion on first and the Steelers are in empty. Juju Smith-Schuster caught the ball and his old friend, Marlon Humphrey punched the ball out. The official on the field calling it an incompletion, but it looked like a completion and then fumble. Tomlin challenged. If successful, the Steelers gain 6 yards or so.

Tomlin wins the challenge, setting up 3rd and 5 instead of 3rd and 10. Diontae Johnson gets six yards on the next play to get the first down on a crosser. Nice route design there to get Johnson wide open.

Another complete to Chase Claypool on a 10 yard out for another first down pickup. Marlon Humphrey slightly injured on the play, but looks like he should be fine. Possibly a calf cramp.

Chase Claypool getting busy on this drive, with another reception for 8 yards. The Steelers nearing the red zone. Anthony McFarland Jr. bounced the rush to the outside and picked up the first down.

Ben Roethlisberger slightly off target to Diontae Johnson on what could have been a touchdown, but it fell incomplete. On 2nd and 10, Ben connects with Eric Ebron for 7 yards. Ben lined up to try and draw the Ravens offsides before the end of the quarter, but let time expire.

The Steelers will enter the 4th quarter with a 3rd and 3 just outside the red zone on the 22 yard line.

Benny Snell around the right end for a 10 yard pickup and a first down. Chukwuma Okorafor injured on the play. Could see Matt Feiler shift to right tackle and Kevin Dotson to guard if he is unable to return.

That is exactly what happened with the offensive line. An 8 yard catch and run with nice strength on the stiff arm on 1st. A Benny Snell run up the middle for 3 yard gets the Steelers to 1st and goal from the 1 yard line. Have to score here.

Juju Smith-Schuster catches the 1 yard touchdown pass near the right sideline in the end zone. Nice rub route to get him just enough space to convert. The extra point is good. 19-7 Steelers.

188 consecutive drop backs for Ben Roethlisberger without being sacked. Phenomenal.

Chukwuma Okorafor and Chris Wormley both back into the lineup. Henry Mondeaux with the nice run stop on first down. Tyson Alualu forced the off target deep throw with a big QB hit on 2nd down.

Illegal formation on 3rd, should have been blown dead. Can’t be declined, so repeat 3rd down with 3rd and 15. Tyson Alualu called for neutral zone infraction to bring them back to 3rd and 10.

On 3rd and 10, short of the 1st down sticks. 4th and 2 way back in their own zone. The Ravens punt and the Steelers get the ball on the 21 yard line. Good punting day for the Ravens.

Chase Claypool caught a ball short and got back up to run for the 1st down. He was not touched, so he was able to get back up and get the first. Good heads up play by the rookie.

The Steelers offense is dink and dunking their way down the field and eating up clock in the process. A field goal ices the game.

On 3rd and 2, Ben was slightly behind Ebron which forced a drop. Would have been an easy 1st down otherwise.

Trace McSorely finally in the game after a slightly hampered Robert Griffin III for the whole 2nd half produced 0 points.

McSorely’s first pass was very low and fell incomplete. He kept the ball on 2nd for a minimal gain. 3rd and 9 for the inexperienced quarterback. Here comes the blitz.

He completed the pass on 3rd to Devin Duvernay for 7 yards brought down by Robert Spillane short of the sticks. The Ravens went for it on 4th and McSorely kept it to run for the first.

Dez Bryant drop on 1st down. 2nd was an extremely weird play as Bud Dupree got tripped up and then Minkah Fitzpatrick dropped the interception. Incomplete on 3rd down to Luke Willson. The Ravens will punt.

The Steelers offense is getting the ball back with 5:13 remaining. Bud Dupree was limping on the sidelines. The defense might not have to come back on the field, and if they do it might be mostly backups anyways. We might not have much clarity, but not a good sign with the Washington Football Team game now 4 days away.

Another drop for the Steelers, this time Diontae Johnson. The Steelers will punt. Ben getting hosed today by his receivers. He hasn’t been sharp, but it should look way better than it has.

McSorely picked up a first down with his legs, and then the very next play hit Marquise Brown for the 70 yard touchdown. Terrell Edmunds committed to trying to jar the ball loose instead of breaking down his feet and securing the tackle. The Ravens are now very much in this game. 19-14 Steelers.

Diontae Johnson had the ball punched out, but it fortunately fell out of bounds. Lucky break as that could have won the Ravens the game. The drops and ball security issues loom large.

Ben Roethlisberger misjudged the clock and left 19 seconds on the board. Also could loom large for the Steelers in a sudden nail biter of a game.

James Washington in triple coverage and Ben kind of lobbed it up there. Somehow James Washington held onto the ball. Wow! First down for the Steelers. Much needed. Timeout called by the Ravens.

Benny Snell picks up 13 the next play after almost being swallowed up for a short gain. The Ravens use their third and final timeout. 2:16 remaining in the game.

Benny Snell making the Steelers look bad for not allowing him to run all game. He levels the first defender and picks up 7 more yards. The two minute warning stops the clock.

2nd and 3, and a first down wins the game for the Steelers.

The sticks come out to measure after a Benny Snell run and it was about as close as it gets. The officials give the Steelers the first down and that should end the game.

Before the snap, the officials stopped the play to put it under review. The ruling on the field stands. It was so far from pretty, but the Steelers advance to 11-0 on the season.

FINAL 19-14 Steelers

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