2020 NFL Week 16: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday and Merry Christmas to all. I hope your holiday season is going well.

The day got away from me today because it just doesn’t feel like a Friday so that is why this post is a few hours late. My apologies. Just sitting around Friday looking at a lot of old clips of former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Kevin Greene, who passed away suddenly his past week. I’m trying to compile as many of his sacks that he had with the Steelers that I can. He died way too young.

I am really looking forward to the Sunday game between the Steelers and colts to see if Pittsburgh can bounce back at home against a good team that’s likely to be in the playoffs. If the Steelers want to rest some key players in Week 17, they better beat the Colts on Sunday.

As usual, we have five questions and a tiebreaker for yinz to answer ahead of the rest of the Week 16 NFL action and there is money to be won for doing just that. Below the weekly five questions is a recap of the Week 15 questions along with standings updates from our very own David Orochena (@subBurgher).

Make sure you continue to check the site on a regular basis leading up to the Sunday afternoon game as we have a lot more content coming for all to read. It’s going to be a busy and exciting next several days. Thank you to all who continue to support the site regularly.

Have a blessed and safe rest of your weekend! Peace and love, peace and love!

Go Steelers!

1 – Kicker Chris Boswell is tied with Roy Gerela for the third-most field goals by a Steelers kicker with 146. Will Boswell kick at least one field goal against the Colts on Sunday?

2 – Over 16% of offensive drives against the Colts defense end in a turnover. Will the Steelers offense turn the football over on Sunday at Heinz Field?

3 – Colts quarterback Philip Rivers has only been sacked 14 times in 14 starts. Will the Steelers defense sack Rivers two or more times on Sunday?

4 – The Steelers have scored less than 20 points in four straight games. Will the Steelers score over/under 19.5 points on Sunday against the Colts?

5 – Who gains more rushing yards against the Colts; James Conner or Benny Snell Jr.?

Tiebreaker: What will the combined passing yards of Ben Roethlisberger and Philip Rivers be on Sunday?

Recap of 2020 NFL Week 15 Friday Night 5 Questions

Question 1:   The Steelers only gained 86 rushing yards against Cincinnati. Yet, this was the most rushing yards since week 11. Benny Snell managed to gain more than five rushing yards on six times including his long 29-yard run. The median response was six with 23% of Steelers Depot respondents pegging the answer for a point.

Question 2:  Coming into the game, the Steelers averaged scoring 26.8 points a game. Cincinnati’s defense averaged giving up 26.0 points per game. The Steelers 17 points was well under 26.5 points. In fact, 17 was the least number of points given up by the Bengal’s defense since their 16-13 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers in week one of the season. Just 21% took the under.

Question 3: The Steelers led the NFL in dropped passes coming into the game. They average around three per game which was respondent’s median response. However, Pro Football Focus recorded zero drops by Steelers receivers against Cincinnati. Bengal defenders did drop about three potential interceptions. Kudos to Wes Lee who was the only respondent to predict zero drops.

Question 4:  The Steelers and Bengals combined for 13 punts in the game providing plenty of return opportunities. However, only five punts were returned. Both Ray-Ray McCloud and Alex Erickson’s longest punt returns gained 11 yards. They did not gain 30 or more yards on a punt return. 77% of folks got this correct.

Question 5: Ryan Finley knelt to end the first half with a comfortable 17-point lead. Ben Roethlisberger knelt in surrender with 12 seconds to play needing two scores to comeback. The median response correctly predicted two kneel downs in the game with 36% pegging it. Unfortunately, we thought it would be Ben in the victory formation, but it was not to be.

Tiebreaker: The Steelers and Bengals combined to score 44 total points in the game. The median response was 39 which is not too far off the mark. The tiebreaker used to determine this week’s winner due to five folks correctly answering three of the five questions.

Here are the consensus responses of Steelers Depot respondents compared to the correct answers:

SD Consensus 6 OVER 3 NO 2
Correct Answers 6 UNDER 0 NO 2

 NOTE: Sometimes folks revise their responses prior to kickoff. Once I “like” your answers, I’ve recorded your answers on the spreadsheet. If you need to revise an answer, the best way you can ensure that your final answers are accurately recorded is replying to your original response and NOT edit it.

Steelers Depot dealt respondents with tough questions in week 15. Five folks correctly answered three of the five questions. Kudos to DirtDawg1964, ManRayX, R R, Doc Ellis D, and Rugbyclint. All score four points this week. But ManRayX wins by predicting 45 combined points between the two teams. Two winners from previous weeks have not collected their earnings yet. Hoptown from Week 13 and Paul Brannigan from Week five. Contact me on my twitter handle @subBurgher to collect your winnings.

With just two more regular season games, we are getting close to the end of the contest.

The top four end of regular season prizes are currently:

First: $175

Second: $75

Third: $25

Fourth: $25

There is not much change at the top of the leaderboard. However, a couple big scores in the final weeks could bump you up into the money especially if one of the top-runners fades. Answering every week increases your opportunity to win the $25 weekly prize plus you accumulate more points for the end of season contest.

2020 Regular Season leaderboard after week 15:

ManRayX 66 1st  
B&G 62 2nd
PittShawnC 59 3rd (tie)
Beaver Falls Hosiery 59 3rd (tie) +1
RMSteeler 55 5th (tie)
Style Points 55 5th (tie)
hoptown 54 7th
Greg Payne 52 8th
IC in Cincy 52 9th (tie)
Steven Small 52 9th (tie)
DirtDawg1964 51 11th +3
pittfan 50 12th -1
Don2727 49 13th (tie) -2
PaeperCup 49 13th (tie) +1
ImMikeD 48 15th -4
Andy N 47 16th (tie) -2
Jaybird 47 16th (tie) +1
Chris92021 46 18th (tie)
Earl 46 18th (tie)
Steelers D 46 18th (tie)
Jason W 45 21st (tie) +1
Ratsotex 45 21st (tie) +1
SJT63 45 21st (tie) +1
Doc Ellis D 45 21st (tie) +8
Buckeye Steel 44 25th (tie) -3
Keneyeam 44 25th (tie) -3
Pghomer 43 27th (tie) -9
Stone Age Tone 43 27th (tie) -5
Dave 43 27th (tie) +2
*Jesse Logue 43 27th (tie) +5
*Andi B 43 27th (tie) +5

*New to leaderboard

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