2020 Week 8 Steelers Vs Ravens Live Update And Discussion Thread – Second Half

The Steelers have been completely stifled through the first half. The offense has been unable to get anything going which has resulted in a tired defense. That, and the injury to Tyson Alualu have resulted in the largest rushing total for any team on the season and its only the first half.

Steelers will get the ball at the beginning of the half and Ben Roethlisberger will go out after a right elbow scare on the sideline. Trailing by 10 points, but it feels like a 3+ possession game. Humbling for the entire Steelers team who will no doubt get an earful in the locker room.

Ben appears to be “throwing like normal” leading into the second half according to Tracy Wolfson.

Ben Roethlisberger to Juju on the first play of the half for 24 yards, but the drive stalled out. What probably should have been a long pass interference penalty is not called and the Steelers punt to about the 16 yard line. The defense needs to redeem itself on this drive before the game gets completely out of hand.

One positive from this drive is that Ben Roethlisberger launched the ball a long distance. A good sign for the elbow scare.

Alex Highsmith with the interception, Steelers get the ball back. Good play in coverage for the rookie. He got up for that interception. T.J. Watt with the pressure.

Eric Ebron left wide open across the field. He caught the ball from Ben and took it in for the touchdown with no defenders in sight.

Team doctor still following Ben Roethlisberger around on the sideline. Clearly some concern over that surgically repaired elbow.

Chris Boswell kicks the PAT, but there were too many men on the field for the Ravens. The Steelers are opting to re-kick, clearly respecting the Ravens short yardage defense.

Steelers over front sighting. And like clockwork the run goes for only about 2 yards.

Robert Spillane in coverage against J.K. Dobbins forcing the Ravens first 3-and-out of the game. The Steelers secure the punt at the 23 yard line.

Ben Roethlisberger to Eric Ebron for a nice 1st down pickup. The Steelers offense showing signs of life.

Empty set on 1st down with Ray-Ray McCloud on the field. Pass interference called and the Steelers are in Ravens territory.

Ben with an audible at the line. Diontae Johnson had no idea was the audible was and didn’t move on the snap. Thankfully, Ben to Chase Claypool for a 9 yard pickup on the other side of the field. He went right back to Chase Claypool for another first down.

Ben Roethlisberger sacked by Ferguson. 2nd and 17, Ben dumped off to James Conner who made a defender miss and went for about 12. 3rd and short for the Steelers. Well within field goal range to tie the game.

Ben to Juju Smith-Schuster in the middle for the 1st down pickup. Juju backed his way into the defender to ensure the 1st down yardage was picked up.

Ben to Juju who somehow stayed on his feet using his arm as his third leg and took the Steelers to around the 1 yard line. The Steelers burned a timeout as the offense did not look on the same page.

James Conner up the middle for the touchdown. Timeout well used. Steelers retake the lead 21-17 Steelers.

Minkah Fitzpatrick forced a fumble on Mark Andrews. Robert Spillane almost recovered but went out of bounds in the process.

TJ Watt in to take down Lamar Jackson on 3rd down. Not sure if it will be considered a sack since it was an intended run play, but it got the Steelers defense off the field.

Steelers offense has a chance to build on to their lead here.

Anthony McFarland Jr. maybe had the edge and could have had massive yardage, but his body couldn’t keep up with his legs and he tripped. 3rd and long for the Steelers deep in their own territory. Need to convert here as the Ravens will have excellent field position otherwise.

A decent punt by Jordan Berry, but the net yards not so good after a lengthy return. Ola Adeniyi made a large impact tackle to take him down around the 50.

Isaiah Buggs, along with Stephon Tuitt notching another sack on Lamar Jackson. 3rd and long coming for the Ravens. Tale of two halves so far (like so many of their other 2020 games).

Devin Duvernay with a massive reception to take the Ravens into the red zone. He was wide open. Robert Spillane with a nice tackle for loss on 1st down. The Steelers defense needs to hold strong here and force the field goal.

Lamar Jackson kept the ball on 2nd down after nearly getting sacked. He took it in for the touchdown, but there was an offensive holding. Its coming back. 2nd and 22.

Willie Snead wide open in the middle of the field on a busted coverage. Miscommunication and the Ravens have 1st and goal from the 6.

Lamar Jackson to the back of the end zone to Hollywood Brown. Called an incompletion on the field. Baltimore is challenging the play. Looks like his knee came down as a dent on the sideline of the end zone. Looking like a bad challenge to me.

Play stands, but Lamar Jackson to Brown for a touchdown. Ravens lead 24-21.

The third lead change of the day.

Ben to Chase Claypool on 1st down deep on the right sideline. The pass is broken up by the defender. Flag for late hit on the play, but the flag was picked up.

Eric Ebron caught the ball across the middle. He tried to leap… the turf monster? Not sure, but the Steelers have a 3rd and 2.

Ray-Ray McCloud converts the first down and gets tackled by his facemask – a dangerous tackle. 1st and 10 on the 50 yard line. Ben dumped the ball off to Juju Smith-Schuster to avoid the sack. They pick up 4 yards.

Ben went to Juju again just short of the 1st. 3rd and inches. Ben to Juju again on a screen to the right. Juju showcased his strength to fight through the defender for the first down. Marlon Humphrey really trying to fight him down.

Ben attempted to get the ball to Chase Claypool, but a pass interference was called. The Steelers have the ball right around the 19 yard line.

This drive is all Juju, as he takes the ball for another first down to the 10 yard line. Ben Roethlisberger to a wide open Chase Claypool in the right corner of the end zone. A well schemed offensive play. 28-24 Steelers.

6:08 remaining and the Ravens have implemented a nice pitch-option with Lamar and Gus Edwards. The Steelers haven’t even gotten close to stopping that play. We might see it a couple more times this drive.

Gus Edwards zone run through a massive hole. Set up that play well with the pitch play they had been running. 1st and 10 on the Steelers 30 yard line.

J.K. Dobbins 14 carries for 111 yards. That pitch play just keeps happening. Cameron Heyward down injured on the play. Lower leg injury. He doesn’t look seriously hurt. Walked off without much of a limp.

Ravens down well within the red zone now. 2nd and 7 on the 12 yard line. JK Dobbins up the middle for just a couple yards. 3rd and 5. Would be a huge deal to force a field goal here.

Lamar Jackson takes it a couple yards. 4th and 3 with the 2:00 warning. It all comes down to this play in another Steelers vs. Ravens classic. You have to watch out for Mark Andrews who hasn’t done much this game.

Lamar Jackson attempted to keep the ball for the first, but the Pittsburgh defense stands tall! Isaiah Buggs and Robert Spillane in for the stop.

That missed challenge by Baltimore could prove to be a huge deal as they only have 2 remaining with no 2:00 warning.

James Conner up the middle for about 4 yards and the Ravens immediately take a timeout. Ben to Diontae Johnson for his first catch of the day. He was tackled short of the first down. 3rd and 2 with the game on the line.

A run to Conner up the middle, but Patrick Queen makes the stop in the backfield. The Steelers will have to rely on Jordan Berry’s leg to give the Ravens poor field position. They have no timeouts with 00:59 in regulation. They must score a touchdown to win as the score is 28-24.

Lamar Jackson threw the ball away on 1st down. A clear intentional grounding, but no call on the field. Would have been a 10 second runoff. The Ravens throw to the middle of the field killing clock. 4th and 2 with 00:26 left.

Cameron Heyward down again, a timely injury timeout for the Ravens who just got a massive completion to get them into the red zone. The injury timeout will also add some time back onto the clock. The Ravens will have about 2 more plays here. Cameron Heyward looking pretty hurt. That is very unfortunate.

They didn’t add any time back onto the clock. Lamar threw incomplete. One more play here for the game.

The Ball falls incomplete. The Steelers secure the victory. 7-0. 7-0. 7-0!!!!!! Final score 28-24.

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