2020 Week 11 Steelers Vs Jaguars Live Update And Discussion Thread – Second Half

The Steelers are up 17-3 at the half, after Terrell Edmunds pick with under a minute remaining gave the Steelers another chance to tack on a score at the end of the half. Chase Claypool drew a huge pass interference, putting the Steelers well into field goal range, but Ben Roethlisberger threw an interception in the end zone. The Steelers will get the ball back to begin the 2nd half.

The Steelers rushing attack has nearly matched its production from the last two games combined so far.

The kickoff at the half was a touchback. Ben and the offense will start the half at the 25 yard line. Last time he threw an interception at the end of a half, it didn’t bode well for the 2nd half. Hopefully he can shake it off and keep up the production.

A couple failed plays, and the Steelers are at 3rd and 11 to open the half. A deep incompletion to James Washington and the Steelers will punt with a quick three-and-out.

The Jaguars showing some signs of life on offense with a couple first downs on this drive so far. James Robinson with a nice run, running 8 yards before he even got touched.

Joe Haden is now down injured holding his knee. Hopefully he is okay. He has been phenomenal for the Steelers this year. If he is out, Cameron Sutton will likely take his spot with Hilton remaining in the slot.

Haden walked off on his own buy looked dazed. I thought he was holding his knee, but maybe just a concussion? It looks like Justin Layne is coming in for him which is an interesting development.

Jake Luton has been getting the ball out early all game, holding the Steelers to zero sacks. Could the sack streak come to an end?

Bud Dupree jumped offsides on the play. The very next play, a Jaguars player had a false start. Back to 2nd and 9. Stephon Tuitt batted the ball up in the air from the line of scrimmage to force an incompletion.

It looks like Joe Haden is running around on the sideline getting ready to come back in. The Jaguars offense with another false start. Jawaan Taylor flinched with TJ Watt across from him.

3rd and 14 and Stephon Tuitt finally notches a sack for the Steelers defense. Cameron Heyward with a nice swim move over an offensive lineman to flush Luton out of the pocket right into Stephon Tuitt’s lap.

The Steelers have the ball back starting at the 20 yard line. On first down, Ben to Diontae Johnson on a quick slant for about 5 yards.

It looks like Josh Allen is down injured holding his knee for the Jaguars. He was a high draft pick and generally looks like he has a bright future. Unfortunate break for Jacksonville.


-Joe Burrow appears to have a serious knee injury
-Cleveland is up 10-7 over the Eagles
-The Baltimore Ravens have pulled away from the Tennessee Titans at 21-10.

The Steelers have a 3rd and 9 from the 30 yard line. Ray-Ray McCloud caught the ball and picked up 8, just barely short of the first down. The Steelers are lining up to punt. Jordan Berry tacks another punt within the 20 yard line and continues his excellent stretch of games since returning for the Steelers.

The Steelers kept their defense on the field as to not risk the fake punt. Ray-Ray McCloud called for the fair catch with no coverage in sight. A screen pass to Diontae Johnson and Juju Smith-Schuster with an excellent physical block on the perimeter. The next play a quick crosser to Diontae Johnson who stretched for nearly a first down.

The spot wasn’t favorable to the Steelers, but they lined up to go for it. James Conner with a big run around the right side, ending with a stiff arm for 17 yards on the rush.

Matt Feiler jumped for a false start, backing the Steelers up to 2nd and 15. On 2nd, Ben to Diontae Johnson on a quick pass. He made the first defender miss, but nothing was there after. 3rd and 13. Ben dropped back and Eric Ebron dropped the pass. It looked like both route runners were in the same area, maybe a miscommunication?

Jordan Berry with another booming punt, but the ball took a Jaguars bounce and rolled for a touchback.

Terrell Edmunds being called for pass interference, so a fresh set of downs for the Jaguars as the 3rd quarter ends.

Robert Spillane and TJ Watt with a hard quarterback hit at the end of the 1st down play. Steven Nelson got a hand on the 2nd down pass and deflected it to fall incomplete. A ton of those this game for the Steelers defense.

On 3rd and 10, Jake Luton dropped back and Bud Dupree put him in a rear naked choke hold for the sack. The second of the day for the Steelers defense.

A nice crosser with a physical finish for Juju Smith-Schuster on first. On 2nd, a deep throw to Chase Claypool who failed to secure the catch. It would have been a tough catch, but one he should have made. Another Jaguars defender, Chris Claybrooks, down with an injury.

The Steelers offense needs to capitalize on all of the backups in on defense. Eric Ebron with a catch and run for the first down to extend the drive. After back to back incompletions, the Steelers have a 3rd and 10. Yet another defender injured while guarding Chase Claypool as Claypool drew the pass interference. This time DJ Hayden is down with a leg injury of some sort.

Chase Claypool keeping the Steelers on schedule with an 8 yard reception on first down. The Steelers are about to enter the red zone. A false start by Chuks Okorafor brings it back to 2nd and 7.

Eric Ebron gets them back to 3rd and manageable with a five yard reception. Unfortunately, Juju Smith-Schuster limped off the field and fell over holding his leg on the sideline. He looked upset. He is walking fine on the sideline now, but maybe a slight limp.

Chris Boswell gets the field goal for the Steelers to extend their lead. 20-3 Steelers.

TJ Watt in on 1st down for a nice 1 yard run stop. A deep incompletion on 2nd down brings up 3rd and 9 for the Jaguars. The rain is coming down now. A completion from Jake Luton for the first down, but the referees finally decided to call a blatant hold on T.J. Watt to call it back. 3rd and 19 for the Jaguars now.

Terrell Edmunds, after not getting splash plays for his whole career, has two interceptions today. He tipped the ball up to himself and intercepted. What a game for Edmunds!

Ray-Ray McCloud with a first down reception with another 15 yards tacked onto it as the defender lowers his helmet and speared McCloud.

Ben Roethlisberger to Eric Ebron on a bang 8 route for a touchdown! Steelers extend their lead to 27-3.

It might be time for the  to put in the backups with only 06:40 remaining. Cameron Sutton undercut the route and would have had an easy pick-6, but dropped it. This defense is causing some serious issues.

Diontae Johnson has 12 receptions on the day. The entire Jacksonville team has 12 receptions. What a game for this defense.

Minkah Fitzpatrick, not to be outdone by fellow safety, Terrell Edmunds, notched his second interception of the day. The Steelers have 4 interceptions, and dropped no fewer than two more.

The Steelers ran the ball with Benny Snell who was able to pick up some yards, but no first down. They will punt with 03:37 remaining. The game is as good as over.

Cameron Sutton flew in on the receiver in the flats to dive at his knees and take him down for a short gain. 3rd and 8 for the Jaguars. A similar play on 3rd as Justin Layne took out the receiver for a minimal gain.

The Jaguars will be forced to punt.

The Steelers win 27-3 and move to 10-0!

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