2020 NFL Week 11: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to yinz and welcome to Week 11 of the 2020 regular season.

Week 11 and the Pittsburgh Steelers have still yet to lose a game this season. They are 9-0 and now look to remain undefeated against the Jacksonville Jaguars on the road Sunday. While the Steelers have fared well against the Jaguars on the road as of late, it’s been anything but that in the games between the two teams that took place in Pittsburgh. Man, plenty of those Steelers game against the Jaguars pre quarterback Ben Roethlisberger still give me nightmares as well. In fact, my very first Steelers regular season game that I attended in person was against the Jaguars in Jacksonville in 1996 and that Week 1 game did not go well for the visiting black and gold. Not only did the Steeler lose that game, but they also lost linebacker Greg Lloyd for the remainder of the season due to a knee injury. Below are highlights of that game.


The weather here in Las Vegas, NV remains fantastic right now. Later this evening, I think I might sneak out to the casino for some 21 and then breakfast. My hangout is the South Point Hotel Casino & Spa. They treat me super great there, their sportsbook is top notch as is their breakfast café. If you come to Vega soon, you should consider staying there.

Thursday is thanksgiving and that’s my favorite day of the year. We usually do the whole Honey Baked Ham thing and so we’ll begin our Thanksgiving on Wednesday and then carry it over into Thursday and Friday to accommodate the Steelers schedule. It’s also the start of the Christmas shopping season. If you’re looking for a football book to buy as a gift, please consider my recent suggestions below that you can get from Amazon. One is from John Eisenberg, who covers the Baltimore Ravens and who is a regular guest on The Terrible Podcast.

As usual, we have five questions and a tiebreaker for yinz to answer ahead of the Steelers game on Sunday and there is money to be won for doing just that. Below the weekly five questions is a recap of the Week 10 questions along with the declared winner from our very own David Orochena (@subBurgher).

Make sure you continue to check the site on a regular basis leading up to Sunday’s game as we have a lot more content coming for all to read. It’s going to be a busy and exciting weekend.

Thank you to all who continue to support the site regularly. It’s been a great 2020 season for us so far on Steelers Depot and we do not take that for granted.

Have a blessed and safe weekend! Peace and love, peace and love!

Go Steelers!

1 – Over/under 569.5 total passing yards for Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in the next two games against the Jaguars and Baltimore Ravens?

2 – Over/under 169.5 total rushing yards for the Steelers offense in the team’s next two games against the Jaguars and Ravens?

3 – True or false: Steelers outside linebacker T.J. Watt will draw at least two holding calls in the next two games against the Jaguars and Ravens?

4 – Will Jaguars backup quarterback Mike Glennon play at least two offensive snaps on Sunday against the Steelers?

5 – Which one of these things below is most-likely to transpire first in the Steelers next two games against the Jaguars and Ravens?

a) Vince Williams full sack
b) Steven Nelson interception
c) Derek Watt pass reception
d) Jordan Dangerfield forced fumble or fumble recovery
e) Steelers block a punt
f) None of the above will happen

Tie Breaker: Total combined number of points scored in BOTH the Steelers-Jaguars and Steelers-Ravens games.

Recap of 2020 NFL Week 10 Friday Night 5 Questions

Here is the recap for last week’s Friday Night Five Questions.

Question 1:   James Conner gained 30 yards rushing in the first quarter until the very last play. At that point, I thought he was well on his way to a 100-yard rushing game. But Conner lost six yards on the last play of the quarter. He led the Steelers with 13 carries for 36 yards. A slight 52% majority of Steelers Depot respondents gained a point by answering no to this question.

Question 2:   Joe Burrow threw 213 passing yards. He completed 21 of 40 passes with the wind impacting his accuracy. The Steelers secondary also clamped down with Joe Haden breaking up three third down passes. 61% of respondents picked up a point by taking the under on Burrow throwing 284 passing yards.

Question 3: Cam Heyward must wait for another game to match LaMarr Woodley’s 57 career sacks for the Steelers franchise. Heyward hit quarterback Joe Burrow twice but failed to sack him. Just 30% of respondents got this question correct.

Question 4:  The Steelers forced exactly two turnovers against the Bengals. The first occurred after the Steelers punted away their opening drive. Derek Watt stood punt returner Alex Erickson up and Ola Adeniyi stripped the ball from him. Benny Snell recovered the fumble. The second takeaway occurred at the end of the first quarter. Burrow completed a third down pass to Tee Higgins. Cam Sutton stripped the ball out before his forward progress stopped. Steve Nelson recovered the fumble. 80% of respondents got the point for this question.

Question 5:  Respondents named four Steelers who they predicted would gain the most total yardage from scrimmage against the Bengals. One wag, named Tyler Boyd. He may have thought there would be a gameday trade. James Conner was the most popular choice with 55% of respondents naming him. Conner gained 36 yards rushing and 12 yards receiving for 48 total yards from scrimmage which was fourth among Steelers players. JuJu Smith-Schuster was next most popular choice with 19% of votes. His 77 total yards was second. 15% of respondents picked Chase Claypool who finished third in total yards with 53. Only 11% picked Diontae Johnson who led the way with 116 total yards – all gained in the first half.

Tiebreaker: The Steelers and Bengals combined for 546 passing yards. There was a clear winner with five folks just one point behind. The winner predicted 540 passing yards so would have prevailed even if any of the others tied him.

Here are the consensus responses of Steelers Depot respondents compared to the correct answers:

Questions Steeler 100 Yard Rusher Burrow O/U 284 Pass Yards Heyward Full Sack Steelers 2 or more Turnovers Most Total Yardage

Week Nine’s winner Earl kicked his winnings back for the overall season winner. So, the prize for the season winner sweetened from $100 to $150! Five folks answered four of five questions correctly to pick up five points for week ten. Kudos to Hoptown, RMSteeler, Reese Dare, B&G, and Nik Draft! However, ManRayX swept the five questions and picks up 11 points for Week Ten by getting the five-point weekly bonus! He wins $25.  Contact me @subBurgher on Twitter to collect your winnings.

ManRayX powered by PittShawnC into first place. RMSteeler is in the money at third. Beaver Falls Hosiery slips a place while B&G tied for fourth. Competition is tight. Three folks who have been on leaderboard a long time fell off this week. Answering every week increases your opportunity to win the $25 weekly prize plus you accumulate more points for the end of season contest.

2020 Regular Season leaderboard after week 10

ManRayX 45 1st  +1
PittShawnC 42 2nd  -1
RMSteeler 36 3rd +2
Beaver Falls Hosiery 35 4th (tie) -1
B&G 35 4th (tie) +4
ImMikeD 34 6th (tie) -2
IC in Cincy 34 6th (tie) -1
Steven Small 34 6th (tie) -1
Don2727 34 6th (tie) +2
pittfan 33 10th (tie) -2
PaeperCup 33 10th (tie) +1
Andy N 32 12th (tie) -1
hoptown 32 12th (tie) +3
Douglas Prostorog 31 14th (tie) -1
Buckeye Steel 31 14th (tie) +1
Greg Payne 30 16th (tie) -3
Chris92021 30 16th (tie) -1
Jason W 30 16th (tie) +2
DirtDawg1964 30 16th (tie) +2
Style Points 30 16th (tie) +2
Ratsotex 29 21st (tie) -3
Doc Ellis D 29 21st (tie) -3
Dave 29 21st (tie) -3
Steel_Man24 29 21st (tie) +4
Stone Age Tone 28 25th (tie) -7
Ted Webb 28 25th (tie)
Steelers D 28 25th (tie)
Keneyeam 28 25th (tie)
Kdog 28 25th (tie)
Pghomer 28 25th (tie)
SJT63 28 25th (tie)
Earl 28 25th (tie)

*New to leaderboard

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