Watch : Bigger Than Ben: Part Three – Bigger Support

The great video docuseries about Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and his recovery from the serious elbow injury that he suffered early during the 2019 season is continuing on on this Wednesday, September 9th, with part three of “Bigger Than Ben.” This docuseries is produced by Mango Dragon Productions and it can be viewed on YouTube.

Part three begins with Roethlisberger beginning the rehab process following his elbow surgery and includes him going through the various stages that includes him throwing a football for the first time. This episode includes Roethlisberger flying out to Los Angeles again. Roethlisberger’s fabulous beard is discussed quite a bit in this video as well. It also covers the Roethlisberger family dealing with the start of the coronavirus pandemic

The subsequent remaining part of this docuseries are scheduled to released the next two Wednesdays. Make sure you watch part two today.

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