The Only Stat Eric Ebron’s Focused On? Wins

Eric Ebron isn’t the #1 weapon in the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense. Nor is he the #2. On a good day, he’ll be the #3. And though winners want the ball, Ebron cares more about just winning period. That’s how he framed his outlook on the first two weeks.

“As long as we’re winning, I don’t care [about my production],” he said via the team website. “I don’t feel like I don’t have to have eight catches, a hundred yards and a touchdown every game. I mean, as much as the competitor, the person you are you would love to. But if we win man, as long as we’re winning.”

Ebron is 2-0 for only the second time of his career and first since 2017 with Detroit, who started 3-1 but finished 9-7 and missing the playoffs. The teams he’s been part of in past seasons haven’t been terrible but in his six year career prior to Pittsburgh, he’s won just a single playoff game. Through his first two weeks as a Steeler, he’s caught only four passes for 61 yards and no touchdowns. But a win is a win, even if they’re not comfortable W’s like Sunday’s victory over the Denver Broncos.

“Wins help glorify everything. So when we win, it cures everything.”

And what happens when the Steelers inevitably lose, unless you’re of the belief the ’72 Dolphins should start getting nervous.

“When you lose, you have to look at those things that you did wrong and you got to correct those days. Even when you win, you still have to do the same things. But winning glorifies it all. At the end of the day, as long as we’re winning, that’s really why I came here.”

Of course, the goal is for Ebron to be as productive as possible to help the team stack more wins. The Steelers’ offense has sputtered and Ebron’s contributions have been very hit-or-miss. But he’s getting adjusted to the scheme, Ben Roethlisberger is still working his way back, and the Steelers simply haven’t a lot of low red zone snaps for Ebron to cash in on yet. Pittsburgh’s run only nine plays from the ten or closer this year, 24th fewest in football.

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