2020 Week 3 Steelers Vs Texans Live Update And Discussion Thread – Second Half

The Steelers will receive the ball in the 2nd half. The current score is 21-17 Texans.

The Steelers pass rush isn’t getting home enough, and Watson has been maneuvering the pocket well. Look for some adjustments in the 2nd half, as the current gameplan allowed 21 first half points.

Thats a pretty big average gain for the Texans in the 1st half. That will need to get better if the Steelers want to win.

A quick note, Chukwuma Okorafor has seemingly been doing an excellent job on the right side against JJ Watt. I have barely heard Watt’s name called today so far.

Anthony McFarland with 1st down pickup early. Some nice burn for the rookie today. They went back to him on the next play. McFarland is slowly being worked into the offense, and so far has had pretty great results.

The apparent gameplan for the 2nd half is to give McFarland the ball and let him make plays. Its working so far. Four straight touches for the rookie. Came up just short on 3rd down. The Steelers are going for it on 4th down. James Conner is able to pick up the 1st down to extend the drive.

Ben goes to James Washington on 1st down, secures the ball with his strong hands and maintains possession through the ground. Ben tries to go back to Washington for the killshot in the endzone, but overthrows his receiver. 3rd and 3 for the Steelers. Safety A.J. Moore Jr. injured on the play for the Texans holding his hamstring.

Ben Roethlisberger was flushed out of the pocket on 3rd down, he scrambles and throws a stiff arm on Whitney Mercilus. Ben extends his arm to attempt to get the 1st down, but the referees call it short. Mike Tomlin challenges the call. Looks like a first down to me. Extremely gutsy play by Ben there.

The ruling on the field stands. Ben is short and it brings up 4th and inches. Another 4th down attempt for this offense. Pass interference on the deep shot to Chase Claypool. Claypool did a nice job there of soliciting that call.

On 1st down, Ben takes a shot to the endzone, but its incomplete. Flag on the play – Allejandro Villanueva ineligible man downfield. 1st and goal from the 15 yard line. James Washington with a drop on 1st down. Ben could have placed the ball better, but Washington has to catch that.

Similar story on 2nd down, as James Conner drops the pass near the goal line. 3rd and goal from the 15. A quick pass to James Conner out of the backfield. A 5 minute drive for the Steelers including two 4th down conversions. It ends with a 26 yard field goal from Chris Boswell. 21-20 Texans.

The Texans go to the running game on 1st and 2nd down. There is nothing there. On 3rd and 7, the Steelers send 4 and Watt nearly gets the sack. Terrell Edmunds tackles the catch short of the 1st down. A quick 3-and-out for the Texans. Just what the Steelers needed.

Ray-Ray McCloud fields the punt and immediately takes a big hit, he somehow stays upright and weaves his way for a nice pickup. The Steelers will start with good field position. It seems like McCloud is due for a touchdown return any time now.

Matt Feiler beat badly on 1st down and sacked by Carlos Watkins. The Steelers moving the wrong way to start the drive with a 9 yard loss.

James Conner up the middle on 2nd and 19. Picks up 3 to set up 3rd and very long. Ben fires to James Washington to pickup about 15 yards, just short of the 1st down. Colquitt in to punt and the Steelers blow their opportunity to take the lead.

The one big positive from this defense today, and the rest of the season so far is the opposing rush attacks have no chance. Tackles for loss left and right. On 3rd down, Stephon Tuitt gets through for the big sack to send out the punt unit. The Steelers will get another chance to take the lead here.

The Steelers get the ball around the 50 yard line. Great starting field position for this drive due to a poor punt and a delay of game penalty.

Chase Claypool with a couple passes broken up, Claypool almost able to secure the ball on 3rd down, but can’t quite reach it on the 2nd effort.

Colquitt punted and the Texans will have the ball starting on their own 15 yard line.

Alex Highsmith getting in on the tackle for loss party, getting one on 1st down. Watson was able to connect with Will Fuller across the middle for the 1st down.

DeShaun Watson’s pocket completely collapsed on 1st down, but he is able to scramble and get tackled right at the line of scrimmage.

On 2nd down, the ball is batted down at the line of scrimmage, but Watson is able to pickup the 1st down the next play with a large reception to Randall Cobb.

It is not 3rd and 15 for the Texans. The Steelers defense comes up with the interception! Mike Hilton secures the ball and slides down. TJ Watt with a big quarterback hit on DeShaun Watson as he tossed the ball.

T.J. Watt came away limping a bit from the play, but it appears he is fine on the sideline. Talking to the trainers and his brother, Derek.

The Steelers have a couple quick receptions, but only muster 5 yards. 3rd and 5 here. He hits Eric Ebron on an out route for the first down pickup with Justin Reid in coverage. Another 1st down pickup on the next play by James Conner. Conner broke a tackle and converted it into a 1st down pickup to cross the midfield mark.

David DeCastro and Vance McDonald leading the way for Conner on the 1st down run, he picks up 8 as the Steelers continue their march downfield.

Benny Snell came in for the 3rd and short and was able to fight his way for the first down and the Steelers are near field goal range.

A succesful screen pass! James Conner takes it 8 yards to bring up 3rd and 2. The Steelers are now firmly within field goal range which would give them the lead. Ben to Vance McDonald on 3rd down. Vance is tough to bring down as he drags a couple defenders along with him.

James Conner gets the carry with Matt Feiler pulling as the lead blocker. James Conner gets the touchdown! Juju Smitch Schuster also throwing a block on the play on the perimeter. The Steelers go for two and the play is succesful. Ben received the snap and immediately threw to Juju for the two point conversion. Steelers lead 28-21.

TJ Watt comes in on the first play of the drive and immediately sacks DeShaun Watson. Darren Fells was meant to chip him and then release on his route, but TJ Watt comes in untouched. On 2nd down, the Steelers nearly get the interception, but Haden can’t secure the ball.

The Steelers were playing back in a prevent defense. Watson delivered the pass to Kenny Stills, but was well short of the first down. The Texans will have to punt from deep in their own territory.

James Conner has really come alive this game, crossing the 100 yard mark on 16 carries and a touchdown. The Steelers are trying to have Conner close out the game. On 1st down, he picked up the first down and then some on a sweep to the left.

The Steelers get right around field goal range, but get stopped with a 4th and 1 situation. It would be a 53 yard field goal, but the Steelers opt to go for it. A quick slant from James Washington and the Steelers pick up a first down.

The Texans burn a couple timeouts and only have 1 remaining with 2:24 to go. Any score by the Steelers here would put the Texans in a tough spot.

Chase Claypool with a catch and run nearly picking up the Touchdown. The defender punches the ball out before he crosses. It nearly became a touchback, but the ball didn’t go into the endzone at any point. The Steelers will have 1st and goal from the 2 yard line.

The two minute warning and the Steelers are up 28-21 with 1:59 remaining. The Texans have no timeouts, and the Steelers are on the 2 yard line.

The Steelers go into victory formation and kneel it down for the win. Steelers win 28-21.

Steelers Record: 3-0.

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