2020 NFL Week 1: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday and welcome to Week 1 of the 2020 NFL season.

Football is back!!!! Wooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited that 2020 season is underway and can’t wait to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers play the New York Giants Monday night. This 2020 Steelers team is loaded and should have a great chance at winning it all. If quarterback Ben Roethlisberger stays healthy, they should be in the playoffs. They better be.

I’m not going to beat around the bush tonight. We want to give back to our loyal site readers and commenters more than ever this season. We have cash prizes and other giveaways planned but you must participate in this weekly Friday night five questions post in order to win. The great David Orochena is handling all of the scoring of this weekly and season-long contest so what he says goes. He has more at the bottom of this post.

It’s easy to win. Just answer the five questions every Friday night in the comments to get points and be nice to each other. That’s it. That’s the contest.

Thank you for sticking with us all offseason and here’s to us having a great 2020 Steelers season on tap.

Have a safe and happy weekend!

Peace and love, peace and love!

1 – Rookie wide receiver Chase Claypool is bound to get some playing time on offense Monday night. Over/under 1.5 catches for the Notre Dame product against the Giants?

2 – Over/under 68.5 yards rushing for Steelers running back James Conner against the Giants?

3 – True or false: Steelers rookie running back Anthony McFarland Jr. will be on the field for at least one offensive snap Monday night against the Giants.

4 – Will new tight end Eric Ebron have three or more receptions Monday night against the Giants?

5 – Name the player who will score the Steelers first touchdown of the 2020 season Monday night.

Tiebreaker: How many total points will be scored in the Steelers-Giants game?

Recap of 2020 NFL Cutdown Weekend Friday Night 5 Questions

Question 1: Tuzar Skipper lost the roster battle with Jayrone Elliott. Then to many people’s surprise the Steelers did not place him on the expanded practice squad after he cleared waivers. Two weeks ago, 87% of respondents said Skipper would beat out Elliot for the 53. Last week, 64% of respondents said the Steelers would ultimately sign Skipper to the team’s 16-man practice squad. Perhaps, people will be proven right later in the season but for now the Steelers have skipped over Tuzar.

Question 2:  The Steelers added three new players to their roster after paring the 80-man roster to 53 players. Sean Davis and Josh Dobbs return to the Steelers while Dustin Colquitt is a first timer though his father punted for the Steelers from 1978-84. Respondents predicted from zero to four players that weren’t on the Steelers 80-man roster that would be either on the 53-man roster or expanded practice squad by Monday (Sep 7). The median response was two. Just two respondents were correct.

Question 3: 57% of respondents agreed with Dave Bryan that the Steelers initial roster would be balanced with 25 offensive and 25 defensive players.

Question 4: Mike Tomlin said “Banner is the starter at right tackle” following Wednesday’s practice. The initial depth chart indicated the starter was either Banner or Chuks Okorafor. Over 71% of respondents missed this question.

Question 5: James Pierre kept his playbook. He made the 53-man roster. Just 21% made the right call.

OK Folks. Tonight’s questions count! One skilled respondent will win $25 with this week’s most accurate responses. Points will be accumulated for the top three-point scorers at the end of the season.

Here are the top ten finishers from last season’s regular season contest:

ManRayX 79 1st (tie)
Jamie Barnhart 79 1st (tie) +2
PittShawnC 78 3rd +1
SJT63 77 4th (tie) -2
Steven Small 77 4th (tie) +10
Jason W 69 6th
Jeremy 67 7th -3
Kdog 65 8th (tie) -1
MP 65 8th (tie)
DirtDawg1964 65 8th (tie) +17

Here is how it will work:

We will include a tie breaker question each week in addition to the regular questions. The person with the best score wins the $25 pot. In the case of a tie, the person with the closest response to the tiebreaker will win. If a tie remains, the pot will be evenly split.

We will still track cumulative points for correct answers all the way through the questions posed the Friday before the last regular season game. The tie breaker questions are not included. In some cases, Steelers Depot will assign more points for a given question or add bonus questions with points. Steelers Depot awards one point each week that a respondent answers the questions – a participation point. The contest will begin with the September 11, 2020 Friday Night 5 Questions.

Once Beaver Falls Hosiery “likes” your response is recorded. The window will remain open until kickoff for game related questions unless otherwise specified. Other cutoffs may be established for questions such as active versus inactive players.

If there is enough interest, we may have a separate contest during the playoffs that runs up to Super Bowl Sunday.

Scoring questions and the point totals for each question are solely the discretion of Steelers Depot. Only one profile name can accumulate points (no sharing between handles). Let’s keep it fun but we will offer a cash prize for the top three place finishers, but you must have a PayPal account. 1st: $100; 2nd $75; 3rd $25.

Let’s Go People!

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