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Tomlin Has Yet To Hear Of Any Steelers Players Considering Opting Out As Deadline Nears

Later Thursday afternoon marks the deadline for players to opt out of the 2020 season. As of Thursday morning, the Pittsburgh Steelers are one of four teams that’s yet to have ant players opt out for the 2020 season and head coach Mike Tomlin indicated during a morning interview on ‘Good Morning Football’ on the NFL Network that he’s yet to hear of any the team’s players considering doing so.

“In regards to the opt out, we view that as a very individual decision, one that we have a great deal of respect for,” Tomlin said Thursday morning. “I hadn’t heard the potential of anyone with strong considerations in that regard, but if that does transpire, then obviously we’ll respect that decision and make whatever necessary professional adjustments that you have to make.

“But more than anything, largely, we’ve been working to educate our guys about the pandemic and what it is they need to do in terms of a role in an effort to keep themselves and those, they encounter safe.”

Tomlin also revealed what it is that he’s been telling his players throughout the offseason and up until today’s deadline regarding the pandemic.

“More than anything, we have worked extremely hard, not only once we’ve gotten in the setting that we’re in now, but even working remotely throughout the offseason, of providing them accurate education based on the information that we all have about the pandemic and how to best keep themselves and their loved ones safe,” Tomlin said. “More than anything, I’ve just found that they’ve had a thirst for legitimate information and so that’s what we’ve worked to provide.”

Barring some unexpected and late-breaking news, it looks like the Steelers won’t have any players opt out for the 2020 season. The three other teams that are in the same position with the Steelers in that regard are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Los Angeles Chargers and the Atlanta Falcons.

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