Father Of Bengals CB Mackensie Alexander Found Alive And ‘In Good Health’ After Being Reported Missing Monday

Three days after he went missing, Jean Alexandre, 65, of Florida, was found alive. Jean is the father of Mackensie Alexander, the fifth-year cornerback of the Cincinnati Bengals, with whom he signed in free agency earlier this year. Alexander briefly left the team in order to join the search for his father, and got into a bit of trouble along the way, but he surely doesn’t care anymore.

Alexandre was reported missing on Monday. His son joined the search for him on Tuesday, which included paying a visit to the last man who saw him. He had gone with a longtime friend to pick palmetto berries. The two got separated. He did not have a cell phone.

Alexander brought a friend and a police escort to the man’s house on Tuesday in order to try to get information out of him. Perhaps he suspected his father’s friend to have something to do with his disappearance. After law enforcement left, he and his friend stayed behind, ultimately insisting that his father’s friend come along with them. When he refused, Alexander allegedly punched him.

Both men were arrested on battery charges and released on $2000 bail. According to his representatives, he intends to plead no guilty at arraignment. In the meantime, he figures to be set to rejoin the team, in a season in which he is expected to take over the starting nickel role from Darqueze Dennard, who was allowed to leave in free agency.

According to the local sheriff, Mr. Alexandre found himself. He walked up to the ranger station at 7:15 yesterday morning at the Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park. He was said to be in good health and that he would be turned over to members of his family to collect him, which assuredly included his son.

A statement acknowledged that the 65-year-old had indeed become lost, for three days. It is a great fortune that he was ultimately able to find his way out. Considering the fact that he was out picking berries, at least he had something to eat.

I am happy to be able to share a positive story, especially after having just written about his disappearance and his son’s subsequent arrest yesterday. I’m sure many can sympathize with Alexander and his state of mind at that time. But I can pretty much guarantee you he’s never going to let his father be away from a cell phone again.

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