Cam Sutton Says He Feels Comfortable Playing Anywhere In The Secondary

Cameron Sutton pass defensed

The old saying goes, the more hats you can wear, the more value you have. Cam Sutton needs a walk-in closet for all the hats he has.

His versatility is unique to this Pittsburgh Steelers’ defense. So is his comfort in getting shuffled around wherever he’s needed. Talking to the media via the team website, Sutton says he has no qualms about lining up anywhere in the secondary.

“Anywhere in the secondary, I feel I’m really comfortable with,” he said on a Zoom call. “Whether it’s outside, playing inside, moving around, setting up matchups, whatever it is. To keep ourselves ahead on the defense. And never put ourselves in bad scenarios.”

Sutton’s become a Swiss Army knife in Pittsburgh. He’s played both outside corner spots, worked in the slot, as the dimebacker, and even played safety in some post-snap rotation last season. He arguably has the highest football IQ on the defense, high praise considered the stellar group which surrounds him. That knowledge of the game was evident when the team first met him. At the Combine, Sutton wowed the team with his ability to break down not only his assignment but the role of every other defender on a given play. Now he’s doing it at football’s highest level.

Since 2017, here’s where Sutton has lined up, according to our weekly defensive charting.

Dimebacker: 196
Nickel: 176
Left CB: 165
Right CB: 40

An incredibly even split between dime, nickel, and left corner. And this doesn’t even take into account the post-snap safety he played more often a season ago.

Being able to plug the hole at any spot allows his teammates to have more freedom and coaches to create more favorable matchups.

“I think that’s where I’ve expanded a lot more. Having that freedom of taking away matchups or putting guys in good spots to still be productive in the scheme of the defense. That’s something we’re continuously working on, continue to get better at, and looking to put out there on gameday.”

With his versatility, the secondary’s continuity, and the high talent level across the board, Pittsburgh will have a no fly zone in 2020.

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