Sports World Watches As MLB Faces COVID Outbreak

It only took three games and the MLB’s season already stands as a crossroads. The league is dealing with their first major COVID outbreak. 14 players have tested positive for the virus in recent days and the team has cancelled their flight and home opener scheduled tonight against Baltimore.

What happens from here is anyone’s guess.

Not only are there severe health/safety/logistic issues for the Marlins and the teams they’re set to face, there’s a domino effect for the rest of the league. The Yankees were set to travel to Philadelphia today but would be unwise to do so, stepping foot in the Marlins’ locker room that just saw an outbreak.

What about Phillies’ players? How many of them have been exposed to the virus? Should they continue their season or pause and conduct team-wide quarantine and testing? That would be the smartest thing to do. (Update, it seems they are.)

It’s a grim reality for baseball and by extension, the NFL. Those are the two leagues who decided against a bubble like the NHL and NBA. No bubble increased the risk of the virus with travel and day-to-day exposure. It’s hard to see the NFL escape the same fate which ultimately may mean pausing or outright cancelling the season at some point.

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