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Steven Nelson: ‘It Feels At Home’ Being Part Of Steelers’ Organization

If there isn’t a ‘Steelers Way’, then the players that the team bring in from other organizations are really good as adapting to the team’s brainwashing to convince people that there is. Not every player who’s ever come and gone has had a create experience here—such as Nick Vannett—but most have compared their time in Pittsburgh favorably to that of other organizations.

After completing his first season with the Steelers, cornerback Steven Nelson is now a part of that choir. It started with a Tweet, from a couple of days ago. “So glad I’m in Pittsburgh man”, he said. “Y’all don’t even know the half the bond between owner coach players and staff is second to none best place for a player to be a lot of places can’t say that and trust me I know I seen it”.

Nelson was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs and spent the first four seasons of his career there before signing with the Steelers last offseason. The Chiefs would be his most direct comparison, and apparently he felt enough of a difference to compel him to volunteer such a message.

While on a teleconference with reporters a couple of days ago, Nelson was asked about why he decided to make that Tweet, and what it is about the Steelers that makes them stand out from his prior experiences and those that have been related to him. Below was his answer:

They just let you be yourself. It’s not like walking on eggshells around there. You see Mr. Rooney, his family, they always come down, we talk about ownership, he’s always in the building speaking to us. It’s just like, it feels at home, you know? Just from top to bottom, Coach Tomlin is a very down to earth guy. He’s a players’ coach. In that whole locker room, the whole organization, from the janitors to the lunch staff, just everybody, the training staff stuff. It’s just one big family.

I just felt like I should shine some light on that. I’m just trying to shine positivity the best way I can, and I just wanted to show appreciation that I felt that energy my first year in Pittsburgh. I can’t forget about the fans, too. I kind of left them out, but they’ve been solid this whole time as well.

There is a long line of players, including those who remain with the organization, who have shared similar sentiments in comparing their experiences elsewhere with their time in Pittsburgh. Alejandro Villanueva is the most prominent of more recent names. Darrius Heyward-Bey was another big one. perhaps Eric Ebron will be the next. He finally got a chance to report to the facility recently (as a player rehabbing an injury).

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