Steelers Still Reviewing Ticket Renewal Policy As June 1 Deadline Nears

I’m sure there are at least a few season ticket holders amongst you out there. And in that regard, you will have a unique perspective on the topic. I’m sure you’re eager and motivated to attend games, but some may be very cautious about it right now, not knowing what will present itself come August and September.

The world, particularly the US, has been engulfed in a viral pandemic for the past few months, and that has had an enormous impact on so many facets on our lives, nevermind the death toll that has now surpassed 100,000 in this country alone.

There is hope and optimism about how things will look months from now. There are many positive signs of progress. Even within the scope of the NFL, there is talk of coaches potentially returning next week, and maybe even a limited number of players to follow in a few weeks after that.

But it’s still all too far away to know what’s going to happen in September. And the deadline to renew season tickets is June 1. According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the team is trying to work with ticket holders, but as of this writing, June remains the deadline, which was already pushed back from May 1.

“The Steelers plan to adhere to the June 1 deadline, although the situation remains fluid while Pennsylvania goes through the three-tiered approach to reopening”, Joe Rutter writes. “Allegheny County remains in the yellow phase”.

The Steelers only opened up 50 percent of their ticket sales recently in the event that attendance will be limited. The league has said that its goal remains to have stadiums at full capacity, but they also have contingency plans in the event that that is not a realistic goal.

“We will continue to work with our fans to review our policies to make sure we provide a fan-friendly and fair policy”, said Burt Lauten. “We still encourage our fans to contact our ticket office directly so we can understand any concerns they may have as it relates to the 2020 season”.

Rutter writes that the team is offering refunds or credit toward future games in 2021 to ticket holders in the event that games are played without fans, or with limited attendance. It remains to be seen if the June 1 deadline for renewal will be pushed back further, or if they will only make case-by-case personal exceptions.

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