Latest Rumor Mill Chatter On Antonio Brown Adds Seahawks To List Headlined By Ravens

Antonio Brown hasn’t been a factor in an NFL game for a while—in fact, he’s only played in one since Week 16 of the 2018 season, and for reasons that are entirely his own fault—but that hasn’t stopped the speculation from circulating about where his next landing spot will be. And that’s a pretty big assumption that there will be another landing spot.

Although Aldon Smith is back in the league, so, you know. Teams just wait for enough time to pass for most people to stop caring about what type of person somebody is. It’s always been that way and it’s hard to see that ever changing.

Anyway, the latest rumors continue to center around the Baltimore Ravens, who employ Brown’s cousin, Marquise Brown, Baltimore’s first-round pick in 2019. The two Browns earlier this year worked out with third-year quarterback Lamar Jackson, who has also gone on record as saying that he would like the team to sign him, even though he knows it’s not his call.

Recently, Tiki Barber for some reason was talking about Brown on the Scoop B podcast, according to the Ravens’ website, where he said that he believes Brown will play for the Ravens. “He’s got a relationship there obviously because ‘Hollywood’ Brown is his cousin and it seems Lamar Jackson and him have a good working relationship”, he said.

He noted that it appears his erratic behavior has largely subsided and argued, probably rightfully, “really that’s what was keeping him out of the league. You just couldn’t trust what was going to come out of his mouth; not really his mouth, but what was going to come out of his Twitter account”.

If it doesn’t work out in Baltimore, there is another quarterback who is apparently intrigued by Brown. Not Tom Brady, as rumors have reported (Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians has already said that’s not happening). Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks is interested in him, according to John Clayton.

It’s also noted that Brown has a relationship with Seattle’s backup quarterback, Geno Smith, who incidentally beat out Paxton Lynch for the Seahawks’ backup quarterback job last season. Clayton did say that nothing is likely to come of this in the near future. If they do come calling, it would be during training camp.

Does any of this mean anything? It’s impossible to say, but more often than not, such reports don’t end up matching reality. If Brown does land somewhere in 2020, Baltimore would obviously be the most logical destination. Seattle could also make sense, for the right price. For his talent, though, in theory, there could be a lot of suitors, provided that teams feel good about his legal status.

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