Joe Haden Says Picking Off Tom Brady Favorite Play Of Steelers’ Career

I could give you three guesses to Joe Haden’s favorite play since becoming a Pittsburgh Steeler. But you’d only need one. Speaking with NFL Network, Haden said his 2018 interception of Tom Brady is #1. 

He recounted the play.

“My favorite play since I’ve been a Steeler was my interception in 2018 vs Tom Brady,” Haden said. “Fourth quarter, seven minutes left, they were at the 20 yard line. We were in zone coverage. I was in Cover 2 sinking, no one was over my way so I was just looking back at the quarterback. Then I just saw [Brady] for some reason throw the ball my way.”

Pressure from Cam Heyward forced Brady into the mistake, unable to throw the ball out of bounds. Haden said at first, he thought he was going to be able to pick-six the ball.

“I thought I was by myself. I was going to high point it and I wanted to try and go. As soon as I jumped, I felt Gronk hit me. So I looked down and the only thing I was worried about was getting my two feet inbounds before I went out.”

Haden indeed tapped both feet on Heinz Field’s grass, showing remarkable body control and hands to secure the ball all the way to the ground. He became the first Steelers’ DB to intercept Brady since Chris Hope in 2004 and helped seal Pittsburgh’s 17-10 win that day, ending their terrible losing streak against Brady and the Pats.

“That was, by far, my favorite play.”

We broke the moment down at the time. Pittsburgh did a great job disguising their post-snap look, rotating into Cover 2 on the snap and forcing Brady to process with the ball in his hands. That allowed pressure to get home, the lame duck throw, and ultimately, the interception.

Check out our entire video breakdown below but safe to say, this was a great play and huge moment for Haden.

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