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Eric Ebron Not Shy About Responding To Colts-Fan Hecklers

It would be hard to imagine that the Pittsburgh Steelers did not do their due diligence before making the decision to sign Eric Ebron to a two-year, $12 million contract earlier this offseason. Of course, they saw the tape over the course of his six-year career. They know what he can do on the field.

What about off the field, though? He is a guy who has a reputation that precedes itself somewhat, for being someone who will speak his mind, seemingly no matter the situation. It’s not a secret that he hasn’t had the cleanest breaks in the world with the Detroit Lions and now the Indianapolis Colts, the latter of whom seemingly feels as though he gave up on them last season.

Reporters from both the Lions and the Colts over the years have talked about Ebron’s outspoken nature, how ‘Eric will be Eric’. Over the past few days, Eric has continued to be Eric, and hasn’t been shy about responding to his detractors, which these days primarily consist of Colts fans who are sore about him having ankle surgery toward the end of last season instead of continuing to play injured.

Seemingly inspired by an Instagram comment that he made in which he suggested that Andrew Luck, with whom he had his best season in 2018 in their only year playing together, made the Colts, primarily bloggers for Colts-themed websites have been on his case to knock him down, and Ebron hasn’t been shy responding.

One person in particular named Nathaniel Tolliver, who appears to be just a random Colts fan, seems to have been the main instigator and is the individual who prompted Ebron’s initial reply about Colts fans wishing for Luck back (which, of course, they would be. That’s what happens whenever a team loses a franchise quarterback).

Since then, Colts fans, bloggers, and other assorted personalities have jumped on that comment to take shots at Ebron. By and large, he has stuck to defending himself, saying things such as “time to prove it to you idiots”, though he has made more direct comments as well.

Not just athletes but all public figures tend to have to walk a fine line between being their authentic selves and carefully monitoring what they present to the world. This exists on a sliding scale based on your profession, public persona, and, frankly, how much of a crap you give.

I’m not sure Ebron gives much of a crap, and I’m fine with that. As long as he’s not threatening people, he can be free to respond to his many hecklers who are questioning his very integrity. Of course, I can’t say that Mike Tomlin might not eventually step in and, as he once did with DeAngelo Williams, tell him to quit while he’s behind.

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