Antonio Brown Seen Working Out With Cousin Marquise And Lamar Jackson

The Baltimore Ravens produced one of the most prolific offenses in NFL history during the 2019 season, and they did so with one of the poorest showings from a group of wide receiver in the league in recent seasons, so much of the productivity coming on the ground or through the receiving ability of their tight ends, such as Pro Bowler Mark Andrews.

That is expected to change as Lamar Jackson heads into his third season and a pair of high draft picks at the position, first-rounder Marquise Brown and third-rounder Miles Boykin, make their way into year two. While they have not signed any at the position during free agency, which they often do, it is believed they won’t be taking that approach this year because of the depth of the position in the draft.

While most of the country is under quarantine in some form or fashion, some NFL players are still finding ways to gather in very small groups for workouts. It caused a minor storm within the Pittsburgh Steelers fanbase, for example, when Diontae Johnson was seen working out with former Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown.

Brown has resurfaced yet again, this time in Baltimore, working out with his cousin Marquise, and Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. This, too, is naturally drawing buzz down there, but don’t expect anything to come of it. There is currently no reason to believe any team is actively interested in the seven-time Pro Bowler, now 31.

That’s not because of his age, of course. It’s because he remains under investigation for a rape allegation levied by a former acquaintance and trainer, plus an additional accusation made by a second woman, whom he subsequently threatened. The latter action is what got the New England Patriots to release him last year.

Subsequent to his release, Brown has been the subject of a series of police visits to his home. One incident culminated in his tossing a ‘bag of dicks’, a bag of candy in the shape of the standard male genitalia, in the direction of the officers who were speaking across the street to the mother of Brown’s child.

Another incident resulted in his being arrested after he was accused of assaulting the driver of a moving truck who was bringing his belongings back from Oakland after he was traded to the Raiders last year. He was forced to spend a night in jail for that before being allowed to post bail. He ran in the wrong direction after being released, much to his own embarrassment, excoriating his lawyer for correcting him.

A number of Steelers fans were not very happy about Johnson appearing in Brown’s company. I wonder what Ravens fans are thinking of him making an appearance working out with their franchise quarterback and top wide receiver.

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