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Tomlin Expects Rudolph To Take Appropriate Actions In Protecting His Name, Reputation

Will Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph ultimately sue Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett for defamation of character stemming from his multiple racial slur allegations? It’s certainly possible and especially based on the declaration from Rudolph’s agency and law firm, Younger and Associates,  that was tweeted out a few days ago after Garrett’s interview on ‘Outside the Lines’ was released.

On Monday, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was a guest on ‘First Take’ and during the interview he was asked by Stephen A. Smith if he anticipates any legal action from Rudolph against Garrett to take place and if so, if he would discourage it at all.

“You know, I’m not gonna speak for Mason and his representation or try to anticipate their next move,” Tomlin told Smith. “I’d imagine their next move is based on how these things unfold moving forward. I think it’s probably best that we all shut up and move on, but I had that attitude months ago and it hadn’t transpired. So, I would expect him to do what was appropriate in terms of protecting his name and reputation and I would do so aggressively and I don’t blame him.”

Those are some pretty strong words from Tomlin and yet probably not all too surprising based on how many times he’s now had to comment on the serious allegations made by Garrett about Rudolph.

Tomlin was quickly asked by Smith if he’s at all concerned about the well-being of Rudolph moving forward as it relates to some sort of possible retaliation on the field from a player or players who might believe Garrett’s racial slur allegations.

“No I’m not,” Tomlin said. “Not as it pertains to play. I just think his reputation needs to be defended and defended aggressively.”

If Tomlin managed to do one thing on Monday it was to severely defend Rudolph’s reputation and I’m sure the quarterback is very thankful for those actions. As for Rudolph possibly suing Garrett in the future, we’ll have to wait and see if such a lawsuit ultimately transpires. Until then, several legal analysts are already weighing in with their thoughts on if the Steelers young quarterback should move forward with a defamation of character lawsuit against Garrett or not.

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