Antonio Brown On Departure From Steelers: ‘I Felt Like I Could’ve Left On A Better Note’

Will wide receiver Antonio Brown ever get another opportunity to play in the NFL again? While it’s hard to know for sure what the answer is to that question, Brown does currently appear to be in the process of attempting to right a few wrongs and thus better his image to the NFL as the offseason gets into full swing.

This past week, Brown had a lengthy interview with Josina Anderson of ESPN and quite a few different topics were discussed during it with a few concerning the wide receiver’s former team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

More than halfway through the interview, Anderson asked Brown to reflect on his 2019 departure from the Steelers after nine seasons that he essentially instigated a little more than one full year ago.

“I felt like I could’ve left on a better note or could have handled it better,” Brown told Anderson. “But I just feel like at the time, you know, that’s where I was at mentally.”

Brown was then asked by Anderson to characterize his relationship with Steelers Mike Tomlin right now and how he currently regards him.

“Man, you know, it’s a coach relationship,” Brown said of Tomlin. “Players and coaches, you know.”

Anderson then asked Brown if his relationship with Tomin is complicated at all.

“No, Mike Tomlin was a good guy to me,” Brown said. “You know, he’s a good coach, a great leader. You know, someone I could depend on off the field for anything I need. Personal, I think he cared about my well-being. But you know, I’m not a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers so I don’t need his coaching anymore.”

Brown is currently on the outside of the NFL and is looking in and at this point he has no choice but to attempt to change the perception that people and the NFL have of him. I’m not so sure his extended interview with Anderson effectively accomplished that. however. Brown comes off in the interview still as a person with quite a few issues.

Brown downplayed any CTE concerns to Anderson during his interview. Instead he seemingly placed the blame for his mental instability mostly on him having a lot of money and fame. While Brown did apologize to the NFL during his interview with Anderson, it still might not be enough.

Team’s aren’t likely going to be in a hurry to sign Brown this coming offseason and especially not ahead of this year’s draft. When and if Brown is eventually signed by a team this offseason, it will then be interesting to see if the wide receiver is then hit with any sort of suspension under the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

It will also be interesting to see the kind of deal that Brown ultimately gets from a team should he sign with one. Personally, I think any team will get what’s coming to them should they give Brown a contract that includes a large amount of guaranteed money.

Regardless of what happens to Brown in the coming weeks and months, you don’t have to worry about him returning to Pittsburgh to play for the Steelers. That bridge was completely burned up months ago.

Brown will turn 32 years of age in July. Last season he played in just one game with the New England Patriots and caught four passes for 56 yards and a touchdown. Following further sexual and personal misconduct allegations against him in late September, in addition to him allegedly sending intimidating text messages to one of his accusers after signing with New England, Brown was cut by the Patriots.

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