Antonio Brown Hunkering Down In His Residence As Warrant Is Issued For His Arrest For Burglary And Battery

A day after reportedly assaulting the driver of a moving truck at his residence over a dispute about payment (the latter of which is unfortunately a common theme in his dealings with business owners), former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown now has a warrant out for his arrest.

Already in custody is his trainer, Glenn Holt, a former wide receiver and a coach at a local school near his Hollywood, FL residence. The driver accuses both Brown and Holt of assault. The latter remained on the scene when they arrived, but officers failed to be able to contact the former.

That is in large part why they held off on issuing a warrant for his arrest, initially, but after continued failures to make contact with him yesterday, they could wait no longer. He is being charged with a felony, for burglary and battery. He attempted to retrieve his belongings from the moving vehicle without payment.

Brown simply locked himself up in his residence and ignored all attempts by law enforcement to make contact with him. Presumably, the former Steeler has simply been laying low in his house for the past two days since the afternoon in which the assault occurred.

As Cameron Wolfe writes for ESPN, “Brown pelted a rock at the truck driver before the alleged battery outside of his home Tuesday, according to court documents obtained by TMZ on Wednesday”. He added, “the documents show that Brown later forced his way into the driver’s side of the main cabin and began to physically strike him after a disagreement over payment escalated. He was then restrained by his associates”.

I have a feeling this is not the first time Brown has had to be ‘restrained by his associates’. He has already lost a lawsuit for tossing furniture over a balcony and nearly striking a child, for which he had to pay up. There are surely things that never made it to the public record, perhaps after payment.

The wide receiver was having some of his belongings that he brought with him the California returned to his residence. After refusing to pay the $4000 fee that the service called for, the driver attempted to leave the residence, with the property on-board, at which point Brown threw a rock at the driver-side door.

It is then written that Brown spoke to the company and agreed to pay the fee, plus damages, and they instructed the driver to unload his belongings. He then refused to pay for the damages, however, at which point the situation gradually escalated into violence.

The wide receiver’s neighbors have grown sick of his antics, with the police having been called to his home several times in recent months, including one last week, which he broadcast on social media for reasons that remain unclear.

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