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Patriots Release WR Antonio Brown

In a move that probably surprises no one, at least, none of Steelers Naiton, the New England Patriots have released WR Antonio Brown. The team confirmed the news a few minutes ago.

11 days. That was it.

Brown is mired in allegations from his civil suit accusing him of rape to several stories accusing him of sexual harassment. Despite those allegations and stories, the NFL has yet to step in and opted to allow him to play last weekend against Miami, where he caught four passes for 56 yards and a touchdown in New England’s blowout win.

Bill Belichick walked out of a press conference Friday morning after being asked about Brown’s status with the team.

While it’s impossible to know Brown’s NFL future, it’s hard to see him playing anytime soon. With the allegations swirling around him, a league that could hand down a suspension at any moment, and the major distraction he’s become, he’s likely to remain a free agent until any off the field issues are resolved. If the Patriots can’t make it work, it stands to reason no other team in the NFL will give it a try.

Brown figures to become one of the NFL’s cautionary tales that will be recounted decades from now. All the talent in the world. Just didn’t have the brains to maximize that ability.

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