2019 Preseason Game No. 3: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to yinz and welcome to the most important weekend of the NFL preseason.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will play their annual tuneup preseason game Sunday night on the road against the Tennessee Titans and that means we should get a decent look at most of the team’s first-team players. Here’s to hoping that all players on both teams stay fully healthy Sunday night.

The Steelers will have a quick turnaround next week as their fourth and final preseason game will take place Thursday night on the road against the Carolina Panthers. The final roster cuts will follow over the weekend.

As usual, we will try to pump out as much game-related preview and recap content to you as we can in the the next four days. We hope yinz enjoy it.

I have the weekly five Friday night questions ready for yinz to answer and I look forward to reading the replies.

Have a safe and blessed weekend and as usual, thank you to everyone who visited the site this past week. I love all of yinz.

Go Steelers!

1 – Will Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger play more than 20 offensive snaps Sunday night against the Titans?

2 – Against the Titans, will MORE THAN 5 passes be thrown by Steelers quarterbacks that travel MORE THAN 7 yards past the original line of scrimmage and between the numbers on the field?

3 – Will rookie outside linebacker Sutton Smith register at least one FULL special teams tackle Sunday night against the Titans?

4 – Name the Steelers player who will record the longest play Sunday night against the Titans. (Can be reception, run, punt/kick return, turnover return)

5 – Will backup Steelers quarterback Devin Hodges, at worst, land on either the Steelers practice squad or another team’s practice squad come Week 1 of the 2019 regular season?

Recap of 2019 Preseason Game 2 Friday Night Questions

Question 1: Tuzar Skipper has a better chance than Sutton Smith to make the 53-man roster according to 91% of Steelers Depot Friday Night Questions respondents. Skipper played well in the 2nd season game but Smith did not play.

Question 2: 87.5% of respondents believe Marcus Allen will not make the initial 53-man roster. He did force a fumble and made 3 total tackles late in the game. We will see if this is enough to get him more playing time and a shot at making the roster.

Question 3: Devlin Hodges completed two of four passes including a touchdown. But, 74.2% correctly predicted that he would not throw an interception

Question 4: Diontae Spencer ran the ball for 19 yards on one play. Diontae Johnson caught one for 24. Eli Rogers had the longest play from scrimmage – a 25-yard reception. Interestingly, Rogers long play was credited as less than 25, but statisticians changed it to 25 yards which of course would impact scores for the contest.

Question 5: 37.5% of respondents would accept trading Joshua Dobbs to the Baltimore Ravens for their 6th-round 2020 draft pick. Over 59% wanted neither of the options. The majority wanted to trade him for a higher pick or keep him on the roster.

If we included last these responses in the regular season contest only the first 4 questions would have counted for points. However, only questions three & four would accumulate points immediately. We would have to wait until the Steelers name the initial 53-man roster to score the responses and award any 5-point bonuses for answering all the questions correctly. 12 of 32 respondents got questions 3 & 4 correct. Kudos.

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