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Welcome back to the mailbag and a very Happy 4th of July to you all. Hope you have a great day of grilling and celebrating and as always, please stay safe and enjoy the day responsibly.

Sure most of you are out and about for the afternoon but we’re here for the next hour to answer everything Steelers’ related. I’ll check back in later in the day to answer any questions that come in after 3:30/ET.

To your questions!


Hey Alex, Happy 4th! I just ran a twitter poll asking what Steeler Nation would prefer as a 6th CB after Haden, Nelson, Hilton, Layne and Sutton. Unscientific (170 responses) but…

Coty Sensabaugh 39%
Artie Burns 30%
Brian Allen 25%
Kameron Kelly 6%

So, my question is: Any chance Sensabaugh is resigned? Do you think we’ll have a 6th CB? And if so, who is your guy?

Alex: Happy 4th!

I don’t know if I have a “guy.” There’s really no one I’m personally pulling for. I think there are interesting names and stories across the board but I’ll let camp/preseason performance be the guide. That’s who should win. Lot of these guys have a big summer coming up or are pretty unknown like Kelly, Herb Waters, and Alexander Myres. Keeping a 6th corner is possible especially if only four safeties are. I would lump Kelly moreso in with the safeties based off spring reports.

Sensabaugh doesn’t seem too likely. But I guess I can’t rule anything out. Maybe if someone gets hurt.

Jeremy: Howdy Alex! I really enjoyed the Fastest Steelers countdown last year. Are you doing a second installment of that series this year? What is the subject, any teasers you feel comfortable giving us?

Alex: Hi Jeremy! I was kicking around ideas for something like that. Not the fastest players because the list is the list but some other superlative. Others don’t seem to fit as well. I had an idea and rough list of the “heaviest Steelers to ever play” but I don’t think it works as well as speed. The one website I got old Steelers clips from doesn’t have them available anymore so that makes it tougher.

But I did think of a new series idea I’ll probably run with to get us through the rest of the month before camp. So you should see that in the near future.

Matt Manzo: Hey Alex!
Is there a chance that Sutton Smith beats out Ola this year? I’m worried about Ola’s ST ability.

Alex: I don’t see Adeniyi losing a roster spot but yes, if he can’t beat out Chick for the #3 and is the #4, it’ll be hard to see how he fits on gamedays. Because you’re right, his body type and background don’t fit well for special teams. And that can open the door for Sutton Smith.

So first things first. Smith and Gilbert have to make the team. From there, sure, there is a scenario where either would get a hat over Adeniyi.



Of all the storylines heading into the season (you can decide the story line but examples include locker room drama, or lack of it, replacing AB’s production, TE depth, Bush and how much he will play, Edmunds improvement, Burns getting cut, Dupree, etc), which one is the most overblown and which one do you think we should pay more attention to?

Alex: I don’t know if there are many overblown storylines now that the focus has rightfully returned to football. Anything about Ben’s leadership or the locker room in general will probably be overplayed by the national media. But hey, par for the course. On the field, I don’t think anything is too overblown. Maybe some of the RB committee stuff. At the least, far down on the list of storylines and intrigue I have about this team.

I still think you have to talk about the defense needing to generate turnovers front and center. I think we’re all aware of it, I sure hope we all are, but it’s the #1 issue of this defense. And probably doesn’t get brought up often enough.

ImMikeD: Happy 4th Alex! If the TE room stays as is, do you think we may see Jaylen Samuels used a bit at the position or is he just too small for the position in the NFL? Mass, moderate or no quantities of adult bevs for you on our nations birthday?

Alex: Same to you Mike! Nah, Samuels won’t be a fit there in the NFL. Too small, too underpowered. He played a little in-line at NC State but rarely blocked. He’s versatile but not that versatile, ya know? Steelers viewed him as a running back when they drafted him and that’s how they’ll use him. Nah, no beverages for me today. Just going to enjoy some burgers and hot dogs on the grill.

That’s all for this week. Like I said, I’ll check in on this post throughout the evening. Happy 4th!

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