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Antonio Brown Posts, Then Deletes Apology After Reaching Settlement In Furniture-Throwing Lawsuit

Just about everything involving Antonio Brown since the beginning of 2018 has seemingly been weird at one level or another. Of course, the mysterious transformations that his mustache underwent while he was in the process of putting immense pressure on the Pittsburgh Steelers to trade him to a team that was willing to give him a new contract has to take the cake.

But arguably the most concerning of those weird events in the life of Antonio Brown was a scary incident in his Florida condo last April, when he began throwing furniture out of the window of the establishment and into a common pool area, where items—vases, among other things—landed near a small child.

The parent of that child sued Brown, who recently agreed to a settlement of an undisclosed sum—he was being sued for “damages in excess of $15,000”—which I initially assumed included a full admission of wrongdoing on his part. Because, quite frankly, I can’t imagine him apologizing for any other reason than either a court order or as a means to save himself some money.

In a Tweet that has since been deleted but was already picked up by Jeremy Fowler, among others, the former Steelers wide receiver said, “the legal dispute between Ophir Sternberg and me has been resolved, with a confidential sum of funds being donated to charity”.

“I am sorry that an incident occurred”, he went on. “I apologize for any statements we made in court filings or otherwise to Mr. Sternberg and family. I wish Mr. Sternberg my best with regard to future endeavors and through this settlement, seek to make amends with Mr. Sternberg and family”.

It’s not entirely clear what should be taken from the fact that Brown subsequently deleted the Tweet, but at the very least, one has to think that the fact he was able to delete it indicates that it wasn’t a part of the settlement itself, which was approved on the 2nd.

In fact, Brown’s attorney argued that the decision to delete the Tweet has no bearing on the settlement: “There has been no breach of the settlement agreement by Mr. Brown”, the attorney said in a statement. “Re-opening the matter would be a breach and frivolous act, and we will aggressively defend against any attempt to further litigate a closed case”. Others are not as sure, but the previous statement does seem to indicate there may be some possibility of the plaintiff re-opening the settlement because of the deleted apology.

The Oakland Raiders wide receiver is still facing a separate lawsuit filed by the owner of the condo, who is obviously seeking compensation for the damages that Brown caused. The same attorney is representing him in both cases.

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