Contextualization Of Steelers 2018 Missed Sacks: Week 2 Vs. Chiefs

With Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker Bud Dupree claiming a few times this offseason that he missed out on quite a few sacks, I figured I would use Friday to back-check him and you can read the findings here. With Dupree’s claimed “missed sacks” of 2018 now completed, I figured it’s only fair to go through all 16 of the Steelers 2018 regular season games to find and contextualize each of the “missed sacks” of all players. To do so, I will need to go game-by-game and then post my findings in a multi-post series.

We’ll now continue on with this series off with a look at the Steelers missed sacks in their Week 2 game against the Kansas City Chiefs. In total, there was only one possible legitimate missed sack in that game and it belonged to outside linebacker T.J. Watt.

3-15-KC 20 – 2Q (12:55) – (Shotgun) P.Mahomes scrambles right end to KC 30 for 10 yards.

On this 3rd and 15 play in the second quarter of the Steelers Week 2 home loss against the Chiefs, Watt stunted to the inside as part of defensive end Stephon Tuitt ran interference by taking both the right guard and right tackle up the field. Watt has a great look at Chiefs Patrick Mahomes even though the right guard makes one last attempt to work  back to the inside to cut him off. Watt seemingly gets a hand on the fleeing quarterback but was unable to tackle him before he slips through a small crease. While Watt missed a possible sack on this play and Mahomes scrambled away for 10 yards, the play still resulted in a third down failure and the Chiefs were forced to punt from their own 30 yard-line. This possible missed sack can indeed be argued, but it’s clear just the same that Watt had a great opportunity to take Mahomes down at around the Chiefs own 15 yard-line.

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