Best Play/Worst Play: OG Ramon Foster

Series we’re bringing back to Steelers Depot that we began last year. A snapshot of the Pittsburgh Steelers 2018 season, a look at the singular best and worst play from each player on the roster. If I wanted to sum up a players season in 30 seconds, these are the plays I would look at.

Last time, we looked at Maurkice Pouncey. Let’s check out the man who starts to the left of him, Ramon Foster.

Best Play: Reach Block Vs Cincinnati 

This is for the “Foster isn’t athletic” club. He’s not David DeCastro but he functions well enough to do everything a linemen needs to do. This is the best example and why I chose it. Pin/pull scheme with the right guard and center pulling. That means the left guard, Foster, is solely responsible for the one tech aligned in the weakside A gap.

Because the DT is shaded to the playside away from Foster, he has to execute a reach block. Cross the defender’s face, set your hips, and prevent him from getting penetration into the backfield. It’s not an easy block and Foster executes it really well. The strength, technique, and power to seal off that gap was huge, letting Conner follow Maurkice Pouncey and DeCastro for a 26 yard gain.

Here’s a look at just Foster then a zoomed out view of the whole play. So you can see how it comes together.

Worst Play: Sack Allowed Against Kansas City

The beginning of the season were Foster’s worst weeks. That’s no surprise given he missed the entire preseason with a knee injury. One of the two sacks he allowed in 2018 came in the second week of the year, the loss to Kansas City. DE Allen Bailey bull rushes Foster back into the pocket. Foster is usually able to repunch and anchor but still shaking off the rust and gets overwhelmed. Bailey is able to get him to open up his shoulders, shedding, and takes Roethlisberger down.

But he ended the season well, allowing just one sack the rest of the season.

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