Ben Roethlisberger Will Be Really, Really Good In Madden 20

You already know how exciting it is to watch Ben Roethlisberger each Sunday. In this years Madden, he’s going to be just as much fun to play with. Madden 20 has begun releasing its X-Factor and Superstar traits for the top players in the NFL, special abilities that reflect a player’s unique skillset. And Big Ben has plenty of them.

For this year, he will have six specific traits that players can activate in-game: Pro Reads, Anchored Extender, Lofting Deadeye, Last Ditch, Sleight of Hand, and Homer.

Pro Reads is his X-Factor trait shared by himself, Tom Brady, and Andrew Luck. explains it as:

“For great quarterbacks, vision and anticipation are paramount. When they enter the zone, their first open receiver is highlighted while they are standing in the pocket.” 

I couldn’t find an example with Roethlisberger but here’s how it looks with Brady. After activating the trait by completing multiple passes in a row that travel at least five yards in the air, the open receiver is highlighted to make him easier for the user to spot.

You’ll be able to do the same with #7. Taking a sack causes the user to have to start all over in trying to get that trait.

Anchored Extender says if Roethlisberger is in the pocket, he’s “almost guaranteed” to break the tackle of a blitzing defensive back. He and Cam Newton share that trait. Two big bodied passer who have made a living wrestling out of sacks and keeping the play alive.

Lofting Deadeye gives Roethlisberger perfect accuracy on all lob passes, excluding manually performed high/low throws. He, Drew Brees, and Philip Rivers are the three quarterbacks with that skill.

Last Ditch gives an increase in throwing the ball while being sacked. Which we’ve seen him do countless times throughout his career, even in the present day. Baker Mayfield is the only other passer with that talent.

The rest of Roethilsberger’s Madden abilities are unique to him of the players currently in the game. Sleight of hand makes his pump fakes more effective against defenders who are in zone coverage. In this clip, you can see that ability on display.

Finally, because Roethlisberger is nationally known for being a much better quarterback at home than he is on the road, he earned the “Homer” ability. That makes it easier for him to enter “the zone” at Heinz Field for his Pro Reads X-Factor ability.

Overall ratings will be revealed closer to the game’s release in a few months. Madden’s Beta was just released to more positive reviews, a smoother and more “playable” game than in years past. If that remains true when the full game comes out, get ready to dominate with #7.

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