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Steelers 2019 Rookie Minicamp Tryout List (Updating)

The draft is over, free agents signed, but the Pittsburgh Steelers aren’t finish building their roster yet. Over the next week, they’ll be building up their rookie minicamp roster, usually a group of 50-60, that will take place May 11th-13th. Many of those names will come in the way of tryout players. Prospects brought in with a chance to earn a contract and make the 90 man roster.

Of 2018’s list, Damoun Patterson shined in the preseason before getting hurt and R.J. Prince spent all of last year on the practice squad and still remains on the team. Past tryout players like Terence Garvin have gone on to carve out NFL careers and generally, the Steelers end up signing 1-3 of these names.

We’ll be updating this list with known players invited to participate in minicamp and in a separate thread, talk more in-depth about each of these names.

If you see someone invited that isn’t on the list, comment below or hit us up on Twitter. These names can be easy to miss.

Rookie Tryout Invites

Devlin Hodges/QB Samford
Cardon Johnson/RB James Madison
Steve McShane/RB Western Illinois
Milan Richard/TE Clemson
Drew Desjarlais/OL Windsor
Jesse Gibbon/OL Waterloo
Dwayne Wallace/OL Kansas

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